How Wrike Project Management Software Enables Teamwork

Wrike is one of the best examples of project management software on the market. The program is a cloud-based tool that has helped thousands of business around the world.  Wrike can be used by various business divisions, small business entities, as well as organizations with remote employees. With this software, users can work together to manage group tasks or individual tasks from the same platform.


One can use Wrike for some jobs including, but not limited to project management, marketing, product development and many other disciplines. For instance, in the case of a marketing group, they can use this online software for project management to build lead generation programs and marketing campaigns. The best thing about the software is that each member of the team can view their individual work as well as that of their team. This is made possible through the Gantt chart maker and a real-time activity feed which shows you all the updates on tasks and projects you follow. Additionally, Wrike integrates well with other work apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, Gmail, QuickBooks, OneDrive, and Hubspot. The software is available on any browser as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Wrike features three types of packages


  • The free version

This version allows up to five users. With this version, there are extensive collaborations, and it gives users around 2GB of storage space. There is also a two-level folder hierarchy. Other essential elements included in this version include file sharing features, real-time news feed, tasks discussion, advanced email integration as well as mobile apps.

  • The professional version

This is a paid version and features three pricing packages, one for 5, 10 and 15 users. A business that has five users pays a total of $50 per month. The price for ten users is $100 and for 15 users is $150. This version has more features that the free version. Plus, it offers a storage space of 5GB and advanced notifications.

  • The enterprise version

This version is meant for large organizations with an unlimited number of users or users who have custom needs. This version has advanced features and features that other versions don’t have such as Salesforce integration, real-time reporting, custom fields and folder permissions.

What you will love about Wrike

Wrike 3

Collaboration is designed around tasks

This software was specially designed with the thought that projects are built from individual tasks. All discussions are centralized in tasks because all the important things happen here. Sure there are more things you can do with the folders that hold tasks. However, sharing and collaboration take place at the task level, and this is where the software feels natural.

Management of tasks is fast and efficient

Since all the key features of Wrike are available at the task level, the task management features are focused around these as well. You will find file management capabilities, email integration, the ability to delegate work to your coworkers, even the chance to quickly @mention team members in order to get their feedback.

Affordable and scalable pricing model

With only $100 per month, you can manage a team of up to fifteen users with unlimited projects and unlimited collaborators.

Critical desktop notifications

Successful project management needs constant feedback and input on various tasks, and this is certainly something that Wrike offers. Not just desktop notifications, but also discussions, and visibility into the workload of your team.

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