Features, not Fortune. Samsung Galaxy A phones unveiled.

It is fair to say, 2016 wasn’t the best of years for Samsung. But who doesn’t have a bad year every now and then? Samsung has started off 2017 with a fresh line of smart phones aimed at customers just as fresh. (Please don’t get offended old people. It’s 2017).

The phones are deemed “mid-range” and “budget”. That depends, however, on what your priorities as a customer are. For the target customer range of young people who necessarily cannot afford (or do not need) a top of the line maxed out phone with, say, 6 gigs of RAM, the A series seems perfect. Let’s take a look at the features which make it such a good fit.


The A line received many updates. But perhaps, the most beloved will be the addition of IP68 water and dust resistance. I mean, who doesn’t love water and dust resistance in their phone. Especially if you’re young! Thank you Samsung for allowing those kids to let Snapchat know about the dive they just took. But hey! You need good cameras for a good Snapchat profile right? Yup, Samsung has got you covered on that too. The new A line comes with better cameras too. Front and Back. Perfect. What more? Dual SIM. Fingerprint sensor. USB Type-C. Fast Charging. Speakers on the sides so that they don’t accidentally get blocked. Besides all that, the curved metal frame and the glass should qualify as “premium” in anyone’s books.

Unfortunately, we do not have pricing related information as of yet. There are 3 versions to pick from. A3, A5, A7 with the A3 being deprived of quite a few of the new features, unfortunately.

The phones will be put on sale at Russia first with other European countries to follow with sales.

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