Rankstel launches 1 Gbps internet in Bangladesh. First and Fastest.

On the 8th of January, in a Gala event at Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden Hotel, telecom company Rankstel have made a major new announcement. They are unveiling 1Gbps internet facility for the mass people. When in service, it will be the fastest in the country, by a country mile. And certainly the fastest in the country’s history. The gala event, which also revealed the company’s new logo and other initiatives had the State Minister for telecommunication, Tarana Halim, as its chief guest.

Previously only focused around the corporate part of the capital, Rankstel now plans to focus on the general public. This service too will initially be provided to the corporate community via optical fiber. However, the company has assured that within 2-3 months the service will be expanded to the general public as well.


The State Minister urged to maintain a satisfactory standard of service and advised the initiation of the service promptly.

Pricing and other details have not yet been revealed.

A bit of backdrop on the company:

Ranks telecom Ltd. Is a member of the Rangs Group. The body of owners comprises of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. They have invested over $75 million in the development of the network.

The companies announcement can be found on their facebook page here.

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