Technology Changes to Look for in 2012

The relentless march towards new technological innovations is certainly not going to slow down in 2012, especially as the competition heats up in computer equipment and operating systems, phones and phone systems and even in the almost outdated world of T.V.




Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing became ubiquitous in 2011, and is bound to continue in growth and use.  Not only are people using cloud computing to store their data and run their applications from remote servers, but it is becoming a very popular way to keep immense libraries of music on hand for immediate use on any number of devices.  Google introduced the Chromebook, a laptop with virtually no internal memory that just relies on the cloud for its memory.  Now that the public has become comfortable with cloud computing for free, we can expect fees to be attached to them shortly.

Mobile Phone networks

Mobile Network

More and more mobile phone companies are moving into what they call “4G” technology, which offers faster data speeds and greater capacity.  Expect any of the new smart phones being introduced to deliver 4G technology. The old 3G phones will probably be given away for free with data plans.  The one area to watch is how quickly the carriers are able to saturate an area with new communications towers to handle the new technology.  There is no value in having this hot new phone if your carrier’s systems cannot support it.

Operating Systems

Google’s Android operating system outpaced Apple’s Ipad system in 2011, and as more and more devices are developed to run on this system, this trend should continue.  If, in the aftermath of the loss of its leader, Steve Jobs, Apple cannot continue its history of razor edged innovation, Android may continue to be adopted in many more devices, as it has in devices such as the Galaxy and Kindle Fire.


Acer Ultrabook

The ultimate in powerful laptop computers, ultrabooks will probably fall in price (currently in the $1,000 range) to make them more palatable to more consumers.  Apple’s MacBook Air set the standards: lightening speed, a solid state memory in place of a hard drive and a long battery life, in a thin, light book.  Windows is expected to come out with an ultrabook in 2012, and we can expect the field to widen as PC makers find a way to introduce a low cost version, as expected.

T. V.


Netflix kicked off the trend with its introduction of streaming T.V. shows to other devices.  Consumers seem to like the idea of not being confined to home to catch their favorite show.  The converse, a set top T.V. that streams internet video into the home, is another trend that is sure to grow.  Microsoft’s Xbox will offer an add-on that can find and ply media apps, and Apple is said to be planning the introduction of an Internet connected T.V.

2012 is bound to be an exciting year in the technical world.

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  1. I think cloud computing and online movie streaming is going to be the future, i imagine a few years you won't buy the latest dvd or blu ray, you will pay a fee and the studio will stream it directly to you.

  2. ultrabooks is one most trending computer today and next time, we will enter more and more some sophisticated technology product in our community,

  3. 2012 will be a great year for technology, and I can't wait to see everything that comes out. I like to stay up to date with the latest technology, it is almost like a hobby. I expect even better from Android than what they did in 2011. Windows 8 is also expected to be released this year from what I hear, I am very excited for that.

  4. It seems that the days of using physical media or apps/games/movies is nearing it's end. With Netflix, Steam, and the cloud, such things can be downloaded at any time.

    It will take many years, however, for physical media to disappear completely as a majority of people probably won't use the cloud or trust it for that matter. Security will need to be at the forefront in order to keep everything safe.

    1. It just years till DVDs and Blu rays become extinct. Why spend fuel to go to a shop and buy a DVD where you can watch the movie on TV ?

      About using the cloud, I do agree on the fact that people are still not friendly using it. People would first of all look into security no doubt and I am pretty sure that matter will be solved soon. But then again, you can never trust it. Hackers will always be there waiting to do something bad for the community.

      Thanks for your comment Paul! 🙂

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