Walton Primo X4 Pro Review


The X4 Pro is arguably the highest end smartphone in Walton’s lineup as well as the most expensive one. The main highlight? A huge 5000mAh battery that gets you between 1.5 and 2 days of battery life depending on your usage. Continue reading to get our analysis of the X4 Pro.

Inside the box are a number of goodies: a smart faux leather flip cover, an OTG cable, a screen protector, a pretty good pair of headphones with extra eartips and the paperwork

Design & Hardware


Design wise, the X4 Pro looks gorgeous. It features the tried and tested full metal unibody design and executes that design excellently. Every edge and corner of the X4 Pro looks and feels premium. The smartphone is sturdy and light at the same time. More importantly, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body and so the phone feels great in the hand.

On the right side we have both the volume and power buttons which, by the way, are clicky and positioned just right. The headphone jack is on the top along with an IR blaster allowing the user to control TVs, air conditioners and much more. On the bottom, we have the micro USB port and one speaker. There are two speaker grilles, but one speaker as expected. The speaker sounds good and produces loud enough audio but it’s easy to cover up because of it’s placement.

Call quality is great on this phone and I did not have issues with poor network or connectivity. An added convenience of this phone is that it comes with a dual SIM card slot and a separate microSD card slot. Nowadays we see phones with hybrid slots that let you use one SIM and a microSD card or two SIMs only so I think this setup offers more flexibility.

The fingerprint scanner is on the home button and is not an always on sensor. To use it, you have to activate the screen first. Regardless, this scanner is super fast and accurate and I never had any problems with it.


I am a big fan of Super AMOLED displays so I have a soft spot for the X4 Pro. The screen is 5.5 inches, Full HD and uses 2.5D curved glass that goes very well with this design. Gorilla Glass 4 is present here so you can be a little tension free about the screen.

Because this is Super AMOLED, the screen looks vibrant. Colours pop out of the display and look amazing. The contrast is excellent and the blacks are deep and look great combined with bright colours. Viewing angles are great too and so is the brightness. An advantage of AMOLED displays is that you can use them to save on battery life. Use dark themes and black wallpapers and you could potentially see an extra hour or two of use.


The X4 Pro comes equipped with a 2 GHz, 64 bit octa-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of built in storage which is microSD expandable up to 128GB, and a big, 5000mAh battery. As I said before, this battery consistently lasts 1.5 days and even 2 days depending on your usage. Combine this with power saving and you could extend battery life even longer. A great addition to this phone is fast charging. With the included charger, you can get from 0% to 40% in 30 mins and 100% in about 2 hours. 

Moving away from the battery, the internal specifications are great for modern games. I did not have any issue playing my usual combination of Modern Combat 5, Asphalt Xtreme, GTA San Andreas and Bloons TD5. When you get a CPU’s clockspeed up to 2GHz, it’s possible to go beyond the default game settings and increase the game quality without sacrificing the smoothness of the game. This was true for the X4 Pro so if you want to game and you want to do so with improved quality, this is a good option. 


The main camera is a 16MP BSI unit with f2.0 aperture and a sapphire crystal lens cover. Sapphire is very hard but also more brittle so even though there is greater resistance against scratches, a drop could crack the cover.

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Images from the camera look great in daylight situations but you knew that already. When the sun gets lower, pictures turn out OK and are generally better than most budget and mid range phones. The shutter gets slower though so hold your camera still while those pictures get taken.The front facing camera is a 13MP, f2.2 BSI unit and does a great job with selfies. If you post to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, this camera is great. In fact all my recent snaps were taken on the X4 Pro so if you follow me on Snapchat, you can check the quality there. You can also go to my fan page to get some older sample snaps.This phone, like all recent Walton phones, comes with a very comprehensive camera suite. There’s HDR, manual camera and even a nifty GIF mode.



You’ll find Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Carefree launcher on top. We’ve seen this before and it’s a very customizable and different take on Android. Swipe up from the bottom and you get the control panel. Here you can access the splitscreen mode. This does not work with every application but works with the ones you’ll most likely need. This works smoothly and the screen sizes can be adjusted for your convenience.

Again in the control panel is a screen record button. This is a handy built in way to record your screen so that you can share your game play online with your friends.Smart screen gestures are present here as well so you can double tap to activate this screen to your heart’s content.The child mode is a useful addition if you hand your phone to kids for playing games. You can choose what apps are accessible on child mode and even set a timer for how long it can be used.The privacy space allows you to keep the sensitive content on your phone away from prying eyes.The built in Mobile anti theft mode is a very useful addition too.


This is Walton’s best smartphone right now. If you can handle the Tk/-28,990 price tag, this device is a good option. I would recommend the X4 Pro for the excellent battery life, good camera and that beautiful Super AMOLED display. The build of course is excellent too and so are the internals.


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