Football to be streamed live on Facebook

It can be gut wrenching when you can’t want your favorite team play just because your cable package doesn’t have that one channel. And besides, with TV’s becoming rather “inconvenient” these days, a lot is barring those diehard fans from supporting their teams from afar. Sure there are replays and repeats. But if you’re even the most irregular of fans, you know all too well that nothing beats the emotion of a live football match. And so, these issues are becoming more and more problematic for fans like myself. But Facebook is apparently at the rescue with another attempt to diversify its offerings as a social media platform. A deal with sports leagues and TV service providers might be in the talks to live stream a lot of matches.

At the forefront of this movement is La Liga, the Spanish Premier division. A recent league match between Granada and Real Betis was broadcasted on their Facebook page live. Besides, 2 semi-finals of the Spanish Kings Cup, or the Copa Del Ray, as it is better known, have already been broadcasted in similar fashion. Other sports have seen small glimpses of this before but none with such promise. Football is the worlds most watched sport with nearly 3.5 billion fans. And so, such a decision will have genuinely big consequences. La Liga has done this with the women’s league before and is taking a steady approach to make it a regular offering. It is not certain if this feature will remain throughout this season and into the next ones, but as of now, some 40 countries will be able to enjoy the live feed free of cost.

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