Viber Secret Chats

Self-destructing chats feature is coming to Viber

Back in February, the popular messenger app, Viber updated their iOS app by including a new Secret Messages feature. Just like how its done in Telegram, users can now specify how long the videos, photos and the messages can be accessible after being opened for the first time. The time limit is set to from 1,3,7 or 10 seconds.

Viber Secret Chats

Another new update is coming soon where users will be able to kaboom entire secret chats when they are done talking.

Good for those who are sneak peaking chats (if you know what i mean!)

This new feature will need to have a set time interval where the entire chat destroys itself. Also, this would complement the hidden chat feature which allows the users to hide chats with a PIN code. So you either can kaboom it or protect it by a PIN code.
To keep the secret chats really secret, Viber will adding more additional features such as not allowing end-users to take screenshots specifically on Android as it’s not possible to do it in iOS due to the restrictive nature of the iOS. Instead, it will warn the users if a the other user is taking a screenshot.

No word on when the update will be rolling out but we are sure it will be released soon as these are some exciting security features.

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