Swatch to go head-on against google and apple for smartwatch supremacy

Swatch, a Switzerland based watchmaker has been in the making watches since 1983. It has decided to step into the market of wearables and pick a fight with the likes of Google and Apple.

The watchmakers will obviously use the know how that they have amassed over the past 3 and a half decades. But they seem to be keen on the software department as Swatch believes that’s where the current breed of smart watches lack. They probably don’t intend on radically redesigning the smartwatch.


After all, it’s a watch. But they do plan to fine tune things and make a better end product. And improving the battery life of their watches will be their first priority. For that they have chosen to build an entirely new Watch OS. This new watch OS is set to work on less power in addition to improving data protection. Swatch says their first wearables are set to hit the market at the end of 2018. Quite a lot of time if you ask me. Especially in the technology world, where 6-7 month old devices already seem sluggish.

The fast pace of tech might make the mountain steeper than what Swatch initially thought it to be. This is because, the drawbacks of the current generation Swatch will be focusing on, might not even be there by the time they release their first line of products. Having said that, all this is contingent on the fact that wearables survive the intensely transient nature of tech trends. What I mean by that is, just like tablets, smart watches are susceptible to falling off of the desirable list as they might as well cease to serve a purpose. Because if you ask me, smart watches, other than serving a few barebones functions, seem tedious rather than convenient. With phones perpetually improving on the features they offer, there remains an ever-shrinking niche for other devices to cater to.

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