Robi Yonder, the Spotify of Bangladesh, shuffles up with a new design

Robi Yonder, Spotify of Bangladesh just got a full make over and it looks like it belongs to 2017 now. The older UI looked like it was designed for an university assignment and it was filled with bugs. The only positive about the older version was the quality and the depth of the music library. With the new version the same high quality, expansive music library powers the app from behind the screen and a sleek, energetic new UI takes the center stage. It does not fail to impress!

Yonder 2

While Yonder now ditches the old “Discover/Deep Yonder” mode, it still has the essential search function which is much more streamlined in terms of user experience. You can now clear your search history from the app. The search results are displayed in the following categories: artists, albums, songs and playlists. The results now include a “Top Result” category which is supposedly based on the most popular result of the search.

Robi Yonder Music


In addition to the tricked out front-end, the new version also changes up how music is curated, arranged and displayed. There are two basic windows to the app: the discovery window and the saved music window.

Robi Yonder Music

Music discovery experience made better…

The discovery window contains music that you might like, that are currently popular on the app or that are featured by Yonder authority. The discovery screen is topped with the search option. Just below the search option is the “Featured Playlists” category where curated playlists are featured. These playlists are curated based on time of day, mood etc and makes music discovery through the app a pleasant process.

Robi Yonder Music

Right below the “Featured Playlists” section is the Featured artists and the featured Albums section. These are mainly selected by Yonder Bangladesh authority and hence feature local artists for the most part.

Robi Yonder Music

If you scroll further downwards you’ll see a “You Might Like” section which features a playlist that go with your listening pattern. The “You Might Like” section is followed by “Artist Spotlight”, “Billboard Charts” and an “Album Spotlight” section. These are seemingly curated by Yonder Global and hence mostly have internationally popular artist and albums.

Yonder introduces karaoke video…

Robi Yonder Music

This is one of the more out of the box features that came with the update. You can go to the “Snap Yourself” section of the discovery screen and you can record yourself singing to the instrumentals of the all time classics such as “Hit Me Baby One More TIme” by Britney Spears. You can save them on the app and then share them on social media with your friends.

All your music, saved for later…

Music can now be saved to your phone instead of being cached while playing or favoriting like in the previous version of the app. The musics or playlists saved are displayed in terms of songs, albums, artists and playlists. In addition to saving music you can also follow artists, playlists and albums to have them saved in this section.


The songs on the app are of the highest quality, the music library is vast, the app looks good, there are curated playlists for discovery. Overall, Yonder is a great way to consume legal music right from your phone.

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