Dual Boot Device

Dual Boot Devices getting a new Definition

Dual Boot devices is not a new thing in the market but with the passage of time, device’s size and shape and the configuration in which it is offered is changing.

Recently a company named PGS lab has announced a new dual screen portable handheld device that can boot both Android and Windows. The PGS (Portable Gaming System) is like a handheld console and gives more of a Nintendo DS vibe with the placement of the control buttons. Console and smartphone hybrids are not very new concept but not much people are fond of them.

Dual Boot Device

PGS lab has said that they have used the concept of smartphones and have added Windows support which will let the users play PC games along with regular Android games. It claims to run almost all the PC titles. Justifying the claim they said, nowadays usual smartphone chips are powerful enough to run heavy graphics games. Therefore, it will not be a big problem to even run AAA title games.

PGS has already raised $300,000 on Kickstarter and have said that they will withdraw from it and make PGS on their own. It will offer the PGS in mainly two variants namely PGS Hardcore and PGS lite. Both variants will feature Inter Atom X7 + Mediatek Helio X2X processor but differ in storage, battery and connectivity option.

Both the devices are up for pre-order for a price of 315$ and $259 respectively. However, this does not seem like a good decision to pre-order these devices without even having the idea about how much it can deliver and how will it perform. Perhaps, after market release and analyzing its performance one can conclude. However, the main question here is if it is needed or not. There are many options in the market nowadays, which have been made mainly for gaming but one can do light works also if he wants to with the same price. Even a huge number of games nowadays are released for both pc and consoles and you can’t live without a mobile phone. So, mobile gaming is also not something you will miss. It all comes down to the ultimate question, is paying for a piece of tech which does the same work as a lot of other gaming consoles but with a less powerful chip worth it?

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