5 Digital Products/Services you should use for your digital lifestyle [PART 1]

In the current times it’s most likely everyone has access to smartphones or it’s likely that you’re reading this article on your mobile. Lifestyle all around the world has been shaped by countless digital apps and services. Here in this list there are 5 apps that we think should be part of your digital lifestyle.

Exercising – Endomondo


Endomondo, a fitness app,  has long been favorite of runners, cyclists, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. It has both free and premium account  available. The free accounts only get the basics – you get basic data, such as duration, distance, speed, calories burned, and your mapped route. In the premium app you  get access to training plans or coaching as well as the option to compare data between different activities. If you are willing to shred a few calories or hit the gym then you should keep an eye out for this app.

Day Day Band 

Day Day Band

One thing that pairs well with an fitness app is an fitness tracker. Most come with their own app so you might not even need the app recommended above. Notable features included are : Alarm, Activity, Task reminder. Step, distance, calorie counter, sleep monitoring, anti lost mechanism, incoming message push feature etc.

Health checking – plug in Tonic

 Tonic- screenshot thumbnail  Tonic- screenshot thumbnail  Tonic- screenshot thumbnail







Tonic is a digital healthcare service for Grameenphone customers. This is one of the most comprehensive healthcare app we have found in the app store. Most importantly this app is one of a kind according to telenor heath- the company behind the app. There is a Free membership and two paid subscription available as Tonic Advanced and Tonic Premium.

Tonic Free, Advanced and Premium members across the country are getting discounts(upto 50%) at various hospitals, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies.

Tonic member admitted to any registered hospital for three consecutive nights or more, will receive cash money. This service is backed by Pragati life insurance. Tonic premium members will receive 25000 tk, which can be availed upto ten times a year totaling 250,000 tk. Advanced members will get up to 1,00,000 (10,000 Taka 10 times a year) and tonic basic members will get up to 4,000 Taka (1,000 Taka 4 times a year).

You can consult a doctor anytime through “Tonic doctor” service, which allows you to talk with the doctors. To talk with a Tonic doctor just call at 789. Tonic Advanced and Premium members will get the benefit of getting initial minutes free and they will be able to chat with doctors through Tonic app as well.

Tonic also offers ability to get a an appointment with a doctor with association with Doctorola.

Overall this is a nice package to use for our personal health.

Personal finance – Mint

Mint is a free online personal finance service. Mint doesn’t have any local software to install, and the services it provides are accessed with any browser or mobile device. Every visit to their site will update all the data in the account automatically. Mint is very helpful for things like budgeting, creating goals and aggregating all your financial accounts in one place. It’s dashboard gives a quick summary of your personal finances at a glance. For the analysis or even managing basic personal finance will be a breeze with the app.

To do and digital notes – Google Keep

 Google Keep- screenshot

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. Users can set reminders, which are integrated with Google Now. Text from images can be extracted using optical character recognition, and voice recordings can be transcribed. For taking notes in class or do a short to do list – Keep is a very powerful tool. This is a must have for everyone of us.

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