MISSING: A New step towards social awareness through gaming

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We are probably safe at home while reading this; cocooned into the warmth of safety four concrete walls can bestow. But have you ever considered at this very instant, a girl is being abducted, dragged into prostitution and condemned to suffer intolerable pain from her captor? No one keeps a headcount of how many girls disappear from the face of the world or how their life drastically transforms into a living nightmare in a split second, or perhaps we fail to gauge the predicament because we have not experienced the trauma.

 Missing- screenshot

Missing is a RPG adventure game, created by Leena Kejriwal, a West Bengal developer, for both android and IOS platform. The reality based game depicts the story of Champa, a naive abductee seemingly lost her memories from heavy sedatives, is thrust into the cruel realms of brothel where she uncovers daily activities of the place and is coerced to oblige every word of Masi (Brothel owner) to survive through her quest of escape. As the story unfolds, numerous obstacles are hurled the protagonist’s way and she makes few friends who lend a hand in triumphing these to accomplish her search of that elusive freedom. Since target audience is mainly South Asian people, the game includes desi characters and offers Bangla, along with English to better relate to target market.

Users are given the liberty to choose different story paths at each important landmark likewise any RPG genre which are currently overwhelmingly popular with the gaming community. A gripping gameplay, good story plot with enough twists to keep the players engaged and an ingenuine idea for a social cause which enables us to empathize trafficking victims more than compensates for comparatively poor graphics quality and minor glitches in gameplay. Missing marks the beginning of a commendable trend where other developers might follow suit to create games aimed at raising social awareness and mould the society into a better place.


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