FaceApp: Is this the new Prisma??

If you have a feeling that the number of apps to change your expressions or make your photos look nicer is decreasing (which I’m sure you don’t) then there is a new app to change your facial expressions in a picture to give it a different look. FaceApp, the new app to change people’s facial expressions is one of the most hyped app nowadays though it has been around for quite a few months. It gives a vibe like Prisma but has a completely different set of filters.


FaceApp uses neural network technology to alter your photos. It can morph the photos if you click a selfie using the app or input photos from your camera roll. Currently, it does not have many filters but every single filter is worth having a look. It can alter your gender entirely, age you, or add a smile to your face. FaceApp edits photos by adding two different kinds of smiles to your photos. It can make you look older or younger by using filters. It can also manipulate an image by swapping genders. FaceApp can also show how one would look if he or she had more masculine or feminine appearance. A filter names “spark” lightens and smooth skin.

However, the app has a different concept but it is not perfect all the time. Sometimes it adds strange color to people’s faces to make them look younger and the gender-swapping mode sometimes yields frightening results. Some people titled the “Young” filter “Racist” as it lightens the skin tone a lot.

In spite of having different opinions by people, what it is doing is that is shows how vast the technological field is and how improved it has become.

Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS and requires Android version 4.4 or up to run the application.


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