Hypocam-Perfect app for B&W lovers

If you are a person obsessed with Black and White photos and always wondering how the capture will look in Black and White, then Hypocam is the perfect app for you. An Italian-based company has created the app with rich filters for black and white photography that gives photos a professional feel to go beyond the couple of Instagram filters.

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Hypocam is an app whose interface is completely black and white which makes it easier to have an idea about the picture you are going to take. You don’t have to worry about if the photo is suitable for black and white filter or not as you can shoot directly in the app with camera tool, with real time control of exposure, color, shadows and more. You can also pick photos from the gallery and edit them.

One can edit the grain, exposure, vignette, contrast in a photo. One of the coolest feature of the app is the option to straighten the photos. You can also fade the photos according to your wish. After editing, one can easily upload them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even on Hypocam’s own photo stream. The photo stream also lets you see many pictures captured by others.


The app can be a good option for the black and white lovers. This is currently available on the both iOS and Android platform. Android version must be 4.0 or up to run the application.



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