Walton Walpad 10B Review

The Walpad 10B is another budget tablet from Walton. As the name suggests it is a 10 inch tablet and is the most affordable one I could find for the price. Is it worth considering if you are in the market for a large tablet but on a budget? Continue reading to find out.

The Walpad 10B is built just like the Walpad G3. The majority of the body is made of metal with two pieces of plastic on the top and bottom. The top piece hides the dual SIM card slots and microSD card slot. This is also where you will find the charging port and headphone jack.

The bottom piece is probably there for better signal strength. The buttons are made of metal and as expected these are responsive and clicky.

The finish on the metal is matte so it won’t attract fingerprints. Even though this tablet is huge there is only one tiny speaker on the back and it is not loud enough for a tablet this size. If you cup your hand around the speaker, it is decent but that gets tiring very quickly. The speaker is not unusable mind you and up close it actually sounds good enough. The main issue is that tablets this size are held farther than usual from the face and so more powerful speakers are needed. The tablet supports USB OTG as well so if you want you can connect a bunch of peripherals to it and use it as an impromptu laptop.

The CPU is a 1.3GHz Quad Core Mediatek MT6580 processor which comes with a Mali 400 GPU, only 1GB of RAM, 16GB built in storage and a 6000mAh battery. The battery life for me was great. I tested it out by playing YouTube videos with max brightness and volume. After 6 hours, the battery drained from 92% to 21% so you can expect the tablet to last long enough for basic media consuming needs. Because of the low amount of RAM don’t expect to get superb gaming or multitasking. The 10B was built as a media consumption device so the idea is that you will spend most of your time browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or doing simple word processing. Modern Combat 5 and GTA San Andreas were playable on default settings but the framerates were obviously not the smoothest. Asphalt Xtreme ran quite well but again there were stutters and dropped frames. This tablet is ideal for games like Bloons TD 5 where you can truly make use of the large screen size. Moreover, casual game titles run just fine on this.

The screen is a large 10.1 inch IPS panel. It supports up to 5 finger multitouch and has a 1280 x 800 resolution. This is obviously not a very sharp display but it doesn’t look bad as you usually hold tablets of this size at a good distance. The viewing angles on this were good but the display needed to be brighter. Using it indoors was not an issue but when outside it becomes tough to read.

The Walpad 10B runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Why? I do not have much of a great explanation. The version of Lollipop looks very close to basic stock Android. It’s not the smoothest skin I have seen from Walton so consider Nova Launcher or Apex launcher for a better experience.

The main camera is a 5MP BSI unit and the front facing camera is a 2MP BSI unit. Outdoors in broad daylight the cameras do alright. Not much detail in the pictures but hey, you will be using these to take photos of documents or your cat. In low light things are noisy as expected.

The Walpad 10B costs 10,490 Taka and this is Walton’s most affordable 10 inch tablet. While the specs are not superb, this device is geared toward media consumption. The tablet market, especially on Android, is slowing down and for the price this is what’s available. Competition is weak in the budget segment so in order to get better specifications, you have to search at a higher price tier. Some strong points of the 10B are the long battery life, metal build, dual sim and OTG support. On the flip side, the screen could have been brighter, the speaker needed to be louder and an extra gigabyte of RAM would have hugely benefited this review.

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