9 Best Mother’s day Tech-Gifts

With the surge of technology around the globe, our mothers are also catching up with the trends. They are much more tech-savvy then before. We should also help then coping up with the trends. This Mother’s day, let’s gift our moms some tech products. Here are some of the best technology pieces you can gift your mom-

Wireless charging pads

Wireless Pad

If you want to lessen your mother’s hassle to find the charging cable and plug the phone (We all know you cannot plug the phone in the 1st try), then this can be of great help for her.

Fitness bands

Our mothers are also trying to keep fit along with us. This mother’s day, you can gift your mom a fitness tracker to motivate her as well as help her to keep tracking track of her everyday steps, calorie burning etc.

Smart bulbs/LED lights-

SMart LED Bulb

The amount of hard work our moms have to do every day cannot be matched. Sometimes, you aren’t able to able her even though you want it. However, one can at least try to help her relax with some nice colored lights in the room, which gives a cool vibe. Smart bulbs also save her from the hassle of going to the switchboards to turn it on or off as they can be easily controlled by Android or iOS apps. LED lights might also do the work.

Polaroid Cameras

No matter how much they cope up with the time and trends, they somehow still have liking for developed photos. You can easily make her happy by gifting her a Polaroid camera.

Bluetooth Trackers

We all can agree to the fact that our mothers know the whereabouts of everything in the house no matter how big or small it is but one thing they cannot find is their phone. For such cases, a Bluetooth tracker can be of great help.

Power banks


Since our cell phones and digital devices have a HUGE BATTERY to run the phone WHOLE DAY, power banks have become necessary these days. Why not present it to your mother also.

USB fans

USB fans are not only some fancy stuff you keep in your house. Since power failure is not unusual in our country, you can always gift your mom a USB fan.

Bluetooth speakers

If your mom is a fan of music, Bluetooth speakers can be a great gift option. Nowadays budget speakers also produce decent sound which is at least more vivid than mobile phone speakers.

Phone cases

Though the product is not exactly a piece of tech but they are used along with digital devices. In addition, they play a great role in enhancing the beauty of the product and save it from external damages.

No matter how much we do, it isn’t enough comparing to theirs. But we can always try to make our mothers happy.

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