Huawei Ranked First in “Chinese Brands” Survey

Starting from this year, May 10 has been remarked as the “Chinese Brands Day” by the China State Council to promote and encourage those influential brands owned independently by Chinese companies.

On the occasion of the “Chinese Brands Day”, Shanghai media—Labor News launched the most favorite survey among experts, readers and enterprises. The result shows that more than 70% of the respondents believe that there is great improvement for the overall competitiveness of Chinese brands, Huawei, Gree Electric, Haier, DJI drone are the top Chinese Brands in their mind.

Media Survey: Huawei Ranked First of the Most Favorite “Chinese brand”

According to Labor News survey, 75.27% of the respondents believe that the overall competiveness of Chinese brands in recent years has been improved. In the question of the most favorite “Chinese brand”, Huawei ranked first.

Survey shows that Chinese consumers more preference to choose Chinese brands in terms of clothing, home appliances and electronic products.

Prior to this, Huanqiu Public Opinion Survey Center announced the 2017 The Favorite and Black-list Brand List which vote by the Chinese netizens. Huawei takes a lead for the most popular Chinese brand by 51.3% votes, far ahead to the 2nd place – courier service Chinese brand SF Express 39.9%.


Huawei Invited To Join “CCTV. National Brand Program”

It is noteworthy that, the most influential Chinese nation-wide media CCTV officially launched a “National Brand Program” on 2016 September, inviting the top leading Chinese brands in every industry that able to represent China for global business and cultural exchange in next three decades to join the program.  

According to the UN Economic and Social Organization statistics, there are total of 85,000 brands in the world, only 3% count as well-known brands but taking more than 40% market share and 50% sales revenue globally. Chinese brands win No.1 in 220 major industrial products over total 500 in the world, however, Chinese brand still a “Manufacture-driven” instead of  “Brand-driven” in consumers’ perception.  According to the top global brand ranking, Huawei is one of only 2 Chinese brands in the list.




Technology Innovation, Huawei Leading “Intelligent Made in China”

Liu Rui, Economics Professor from Renmin University of China shared his opinion in an interview that,  “Chinese Brands Day” set up is to accelerate the technology development through the brand building. Only the brand with outstanding technology and own intellectual property can survive in the world. ”

As the representative of the favorite “Chinese brand”, HUAWEI has been focused on developing innovative technologies and building its own intellectual property reserve. HUAWEI’s annual report shows that the company invests over 10% of its revenue in R&D every year, aiming to drive growth through innovation. According to the 2016 Annual Report of the Europe Patent Office (EPO), HUAWEI ranks the 2nd in Europe with 2,390 patent applications, up 2 places from last year, and second only to Philips NV; and HUAWEI is the 7th with 924 granted applications. In the digital communications field, HUAWEI now ranks higher than Ericsson and Qualcomm.

The establishment of “China Brand Day” by China State Council, not only to empower the Chinese brand to stand out from the global competition, on the other hand, also encourage companies to take more responsibility to play a leading role to build up “Chinese brands”. Huawei is building the good reputation and premium brand image through technology innovation and good quality product, it will be a good case reference for other Chinese brands too.

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