Barikoi: Your address made easy

If you are someone who is tired of writing your 3 page(read lines) address and wonder if you could just tell your address as fast as possible then this app is the perfect app for you. What this app does is when you register your location in the app, and then it generates a code for the location. If the other person has the app installed, he can just enter the code in the app and the whole address will be visible. Using this app, one can also find out different kinds of nearby places be it hospitals, restaurants, hotels, educational institute or religious places. One can also mark any place he wants to go and the app will show him the map to go to the place.


The app is still not completely ready yet. So, you will not be able to explore all of its features. Slowly, what the application aims to do is that if you want to go from place A to place B, it will also show you what mode of transportation you can use to get to that place and what would be the easiest mode of communication.

The startup wants to do crowdsourcing to bring all of the location in the map as soon as possible. Everybody can use GPS to enter the location in the directory and it will soon generate specific codes for places all over the country. The company is doing crowdsourcing but it is not free. By registering different locations, users will get points. Later the points can used in order to get free internet of different volumes, t-shirts and discounts from many stores in the country.

The app is still improving day by day with the inclusion of new features. The app tries to make finding locations easier and the app claims that it will not breach the security of anyone’s own home. One should definitely try barikoi even to at least find out its motive and get impressed.


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