5 Apps to guide you to the path of light this Ramadan

The most sacred month for Muslims, Ramadan is here again with its never-exhausting blessings. It’s the month of abundant mercy from the creator, seeking forgiveness, repenting from sins no matter how grievous they may be and whole-heartedly attempting to replenish one’s soul with good deeds. Ramadan not only intends to reconnect our souls with Allah (SWT) but renders us to understand the sufferings of the less privileged group in the society by fasting throughout the day and inclines us to provide them charity. During this holy month, we try to make the most of it by constantly praying, reciting Quran and duas on the go, however, our earthly duties – office, schools etc – restrain us from doing so. That is why we have conjured up a list of Islamic apps that would guide you through the path of forgiveness and mercy which can be used even in the formidable traffic jam.

Muslim Pro

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Muslim Pro is a holistic app that pretty much serves all the purposes an Islamic app should feature and more. The app is embedded with the most accurate prayer timings, fasting times – Sehri and Iftaar times, full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and mp3 recitations, animated Qibla compass to help prayer in unknown locations, 99 names of Allah (SWT). The list doesn’t end here, the app even features names of mosques and halal restaurants near you with location turned on and a virtual ‘tasbih’ to count your duas and dhikr.

Hadith Collection

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This app is the ultimate collection of the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in Arabic and translations to several languages of the most authentic books including Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik Muwatta. Both free and pro versions are available, pro version allows the user to add unlimited bookmarks, a powerful search engine and hadith of the day based on user’s interest.

Plenty of similar hadith apps are available on the playstore: Sahih al bukhari, 40 hadiths, Sahih muslims, Jami Al Tirmidhi, Hadith collection lite, revive a Sunnah, Sahih bukhari in English, Sahih Muslim in English, 100 Hadith on Lifestyle and few Bangla translated hadith apps are available too.

Islamic e-Books

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Islamic e-Books is the library of authentic Islamic books all at one place for convenience. This elegant, fast and easy to use interface app includes all free books such as Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Riyad al Saliheen, Halal Food guide, Al Quran English translation and many more.

Kids Dua Now – Word by word

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Many of us struggle to teach our kids Islamic teachings at a very early stage of life as kids are more inclined towards games or activities in smartphones, deterring them from learning from books. Kids Dua now app solves that crisis by approaching kids with a fun interface and ample cartoons and images to attract them to playfully learn most important duas – waking up, sleeping, eating etc and provides word by word transliteration to expedite memorization.


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This android app seeks to strengthen our imaan through multiple medias and features enriching video lectures from the most renowned scholars of Islam, comprehensive food guide, keep track of prayer timings around the globe, alarm for prayers and so on.






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