Xox One X vs PS4 Pro

Xbox One X or PS4 PRO? Which one should you buy?

This E3 expo, Microsoft showed the world that it has still a lot to give to the console world by announcing the Xbox One X. After the launching of the most powerful console in the Xbox lineup, many people are still in a confusion if they should go for the Xbox or the PS4 Pro. If you are one of them, then this is a must-read for you.

Though the main selling point of both the consoles are its support for 4K, they are not equal. Each has some unique features and both are competing regarding the specs, features and supports. Let’s dive deep into their hardwares now.

CPU: The Xbox packs eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz. Whereas the PS4 Pro has x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores at 2.1GHz. Though both console’s CPUs look almost the same but the Xbox has a little lead over the Play Station.

GPU: The GPU on the Xbox One X is faster and more powerful than the one on the PS4 Pro. The Xbox has Custom AMD chipset ‘Scorpio Engine’ at 6 teraflops whereas the PS4 Pro packs an AMD Radeon GPU at 4.2 teraflops. This definitely shows how powerful the Xbox is in terms of graphics quality.

Xbox One X

Clock speed: Xbox One X has an upper hand regarding the clock speed as well. It has 1172MHz clock speed, which would be more than enough to run Games and Medias smoothly. On The other hand, the PS4 Pro has only 911MHz clock speed. Though the clock speed of the PS4 might look a little low but it is definitely not insufficient to run games and other stuff smoothly.

RAM: The PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 RAM which runs at 218GB/s and the Xbox One X has 12GB GDDR5 at 326GB/s which will be much better to keep all the apps and Games running smoothly.

Storage: Both the consoles have the same amount of storage option i.e. 1TB.

Optical Drives: Xbox has a 4K/HDR Blu-ray drive to read the CDs and the PS4 Pro has Blu-ray DVD drive, which means it can’t read 4K movies directly from the drives.

4K and HDR: Both the devices support 4K and HDR for better graphics in games and better quality in movies.

VR: Xbox is yet to announce whether it will support VR and even if it does what type of VR it will support. On the other hand, PS4 Pro supports the PS VR, which is the cheapest still one of the best VRs in the market.

PRICE: The PS4 is sold for $399 in the market and the Xbox One X will be sold for $499 when it will launch in the market in November of this year.

Verdict: Watching all these comparisons you might be thinking that Xbox One X wins by a big margin and you should definitely go for it. But you should also consider that better graphics or CPU is not enough to make your gaming experience good. The main thing you should be consider if you are someone upgrading your console is that what kind of gaming device you are comfortable with, If you fell ease using the PS4 Pro, no matter how much better the Xbox is, you will still miss your Play Station and vice-versa. Another case to be considered here is that the PS4 is already in the market and the release time difference of both the consoles are almost 1 year. If you want, you can but the Sony console now but you will have to wait for the Microsoft one for almost 6 months.

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You buy consoles mainly for playing games rather than doing any other kind of work. PS4 Pro will win in this because of its so many exclusive games and Xbox has announced only one notable exclusive with the announcement of the new console that is Forza.

After so many comparisons and stuff, the choice is stills yours, the consumer’s. What console you would like or what you desire matters the most here. No matter which one you choose, ultimately it will fulfill its main purpose. You can play any games on it. If you are considering buying a gaming machine now, try out the consoles, look for which games you want to play and buy the machine.

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