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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Eid

The festival of happy faces, joy and buying new things has come. You buy many things for yourself, your family and lot of gifts for people around you. This year, why not gift people some tech products? Here are 5 best things you can gift this Eid.

Mobile Phone:

In this age, no one can live without a cell phone. Why not gift your dear ones a mobile phone. You can find different phones in every price range now a days in the market.

If you are looking for a feature phone, there is the legendary Nokia 3310. And if you are looking for smartphones, you can go for phones like Xiaomi, Huawei, Symphony if you are low on budget. If there are no budget issues, there are brands like Samsung, LG and Apple.

Power bank:
ASUS Powerbank
No matter how expensive your smartphone or laptop is, there is no use of it if it doesn’t have charge. To solve this problem, power banks are the best thing to use. Gift your dear ones one and make them happy. There are lot of brands in the market for power banks. Xiaomi, Samsung, Anker are known for producing some of the best quality power banks.

Bluetooth Speaker:

Nothing beats a portable speaker as a gift for a lover of music. Bluetooth speakers are great for mobility and they have great sound output too. Some of the best brands for Bluetooth speakers are JBL, Xiaomi, Le Eco and they also fit in tight budget.


Another great gift for audiophiles can be headphones or earphones. There are some budget earphones and headphones from Xiaomi, Le Eco, JBL. And if you like premium ones, you can definitely go for JBL, Beats or Sennheiser.

ITunes/Play Store credit:

playstore credit

If you want to not get in the hassle of thinking whether someone would like your gift or not or whether it would match their taste, then you could gift them some credit and let them buy whatever they want. Since almost everybody uses smartphones and they mainly run on iOS or Android, store credits might make people happy. They would be able to buy apps, games or music according to their taste. You can find them in various online pages and different shops like Gadget & Gear.

Techetron Team hopes that you have a great Eid and these suggestions are just a way of ensuring you have a delightful Eid.


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