Oreo is HERE

Google has finally released the Android 8.0 i.e. Android Oreo on August 21 during the solar eclipse. Official google devices (Pixel and Nexus) started receiving OTA (over-the-air) updates on the same day allowing general users to start experiencing Oreo from the first day of release.

Google has always named their Android versions alphabetically based on names of different sweet treats. This time is no different. Almost everybody could guess that the name would be Oreo after Nougat. Google started releasing the preview of Android O for the developers from mid-March. After 4 developer previews, they have finally released the public version. Let’s dive into new features of Oreo.

Apps stop displaying over other apps

Toggles would appear in the App info menu that would allow people to disable the ability of apps to draw over the top of other apps. One can go to Settings and then into App info to disable the display over other apps function.

New Emojis

Finally Google has ditched those ugly looking emojis and made them round shaped. Also, they have added gradient to the emojis resulting in a much better look.

Smart Text Selection

Everybody has been in situation where they need to select some particular words to copy or use somewhere else but the text selector selects either more or less. Google has updated this in order to select websites or phone numbers faster and allow the users to have better workflow. Also selector will detect what it is and suggest apps. For example, if you select a phone number, the dialer app will appear.

Unknown Source Settings

If you are even a little bit tech-enthusiast and mad about apps, you have surely tried to install APKs. After all, who doesn’t want to save some dollars. But you had to go through all the hassles like finding the app from explorer. Tick unknown source option and then install. Google makes it easier for you. They have updated the explorer so that you don’t need to use third party apps. Also, you don’t need to tick unknown source every time you install apps. An option will appear while installation and you just need to click OK.

New Theme

We all have enabled the dark theme at least once to have a look. Some people fall in love with the theme and some hopes that the exact opposite would also happen. Black accent on the white background would be dope. No worries, Google has done the exact same thing.

Picture in Picture

Not everybody like to do one thing at a time. Watching funny videos or music videos while seeing some boring documents would do no harm. Oreo came with this functionality. Now, you can enable picture in picture mode and enjoy different things while doing work.

Fingerprint Scanner gesture

This feature is not some smartphone brand exclusive anymore. Now it comes with the Android version. So, if any brand wants to, they can enable the fingerprint gesture option and allow users to make more use of the fingerprint scanner.

There are a lot more features in the new Android version and hope that users enjoy all of them.

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