Google: $1.1 Billion to get in the race

Though Google is in the smartphone race from its Nexus days but to get into the race Properly, they recently bought the majority of HTC’s phone design and engineering team to supervise the whole process from the ideation process to the making and selling of the phone.

It hasn’t been a lot of years since Google acquired Motorola and unveiled Nexus phone which was made by them. But with the passage of time, they had to sell the company and again depend on different brands to make their phone and the hardware. Then came the age of Pixel which was unveiled last year only. They told that they took charge of the software, hardware and design to launch it as their own phone. But since they didn’t own any smartphone making unit, they had to depend on the third party brands which also meant that they couldn’t do everything as they wanted. Last year, HTC made the phones. Even this year also, they had to depend on others. To stop this hazard they decided to buy the HTC’s design and development team which would let them take charge of everything from small things to huge parts of the phone.

What this means to Google is that now Google can go head to head with the top tier brands without worrying about anything. It is kind of like what Apple does. Like if Apple invents some new port for charging, they can easily apply it as it is a company which is completely independent. But such things like that wasn’t possible for Google as other brands who would make the phone wouldn’t let this happen as it might affect that brand’s portfolio. But now since Google is the owner of the design and R&D team, they can do a lot of things according to their wish. These statement doesn’t mean that Google would do something soon but now it has the ability to do so which it didn’t have earlier.

Let’s hope something fruitful comes from the deal and the consumers get to enjoy its full profit.

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