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Robot Waiters In Bangladesh?!

While in certain parts of the world self-driving cars is already a thing, and the concept of hyperloop transportation is becoming more and more realistic by the day, Bangladesh is also getting there. Bit by bit. The latest tech breakout in this country is now, you’ve guessed it, robot waiters!

Yesterday, Mirpur saw the opening of a Bangladesh’s first ever robot restaurant. The restaurant is called Mexwel Robot Restaurant and what makes it so special is that instead of humans serving you your food, you can be served by robots! That’s right, two humanoid robots are present in the restaurant to deliver your food from the counter to your table.

The restaurant teamed up with HZX Electronic Technology Company, who are a China-based robot-manufacturing organisation. Both the parties jointly organized the opening of the restaurant yesterday.

The location of the restaurant is very straightforward. At 2/6 Asad gate, Mirpur Road is a building called the Family World Convention Centre which houses this restaurant. It’s very nearby to the Prime Minister’s residence.

As reported by Dhaka Tribune, Rahin Raiyan, director of the restaurant, says: “Robots will provide better service to customers than waiters. Besides, the service will be a source of amusement for people of all ages, especially children”. He also emphasized on the importance of keeping the menu at a reasonable price so that people of all classes will be able to enjoy the attraction.

Mexwel Robot Restaurant is open for all right now and it’s an excellent way to dine out while enjoying something unique.

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