Huawei Honor V10

Huawei’s Honor V10 to launch in November

A current report states that Huawei’s upcoming phone; Honor V10 is going to be released earlier than people had thought. The phone was expected to be seen on the 5th of December but now there was an official announcement made by Huawei which stated that the phone is going to be released in Beijing, China on 28th November!

In the announcement, Huawei has confirmed us a few features on the phone too, a setup of the dual camera and upgrades on a few other capabilities are confirmed. Previously, we did hear about these upgrades but it was not confirmed by Huawei but now after that announcement, it is certain that we are going to get the features which we heard previously.

The CEO of Honor; Zhao Ming has announced that this phone is going to have the same chip named King 970 which was used in two quite popular phones; Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro. On the other hand, the latest update of EMUI is going to be run by this phone which is in the highest point; Android 8.0, version 8!

Huawei Honor V10

Honor V10 is an astounding addition to the Honor-branded series of Huawei and also it is a great addition to Huawei’s new full-screen handset. The phone’s going to have a tall display with differing aspect ratios. This phone is going to have the 5.99 and 18:9 displays like many of the other Huawei phones.

We can predict that this handset might have some really good Al-focused features on the software fronts and also the hardware as if we follow the document which was leaked by GizChina this phone is going to have the same chipset previously used in Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro, it is the King 970 chipset. It now entirely depends on Huawei about what they are going to keep and what they are not going to.

This phone might have a ram of 6 GB and storage of 64 or 128 GB according to some of the reports. On the other hand, really good dual cameras with 16 Mega Pixels and 20 Mega Pixels and obviously, as I mentioned before, this phone is going to run the latest update of EMUI, Android 8.0.

Huawei is actually making a good response to the full-screen smartphones of their rivals; they are actually making a challenge to them at different price points. Nobody knows if this phone is going to shine or not, Huawei is definitely a brand which makes phones with affordable price, overall, it is more likely that the phone is going to come to light!

A report also stated that on the 5th of December this handset is going to be announced in London at a really affordable price.

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