5 Best Ways To Utilize ZTE’s Dual-Display Phone-Axon M

It’s 2017. The kind of smartphones you see today include one giant screen with almost zero bezels. They also have a fancy dual camera setup at the back and lack a headphone jack. While everyone has been raving about these features, Chinese manufacturers ZTE has come out yesterday with a phone that blows all this away.

ZTE has introduced their much talked about Axon M. And it’s not just any phone that they have brought to the market. What makes this phone stand out from each and every phone out there right now is the fact that it features not one screen, but two.

Yes. Two screens.

With a dual 5.2-inch display setup, the Axon M completely shoos away the bezel-less movement with a foldable phone.  Now, ZTE isn’t the first to introduce this concept, but this phone really is the first that allows you to take full advantage of the two screens.

That’s what we’re here to talk about today. How to take full advantage of the amazing dual-screen setup on the ZTE Axon M. So without further ado, let’s jump into it.


Watch tutorials/lessons while working


One of the things you can do with the phone is run a different app on each screen. This opens the user up to a world of possibilities. You can mix and match and go through a ton of permutations and combinations to find your favourite way to use the two screens. One of the best ways we have thought of is to watch a tutorial or a lesson of any sort while you work.

Source: TheVerge

For example, you can watch a YouTube video on how to draw Goku from Dragon Ball Z while you sketch on the other screen. By tilting the top screen towards you, you can acquire a nice viewing angle in order to listen to the tutorial attentively. And therefore, you can watch it and perform the necessary action on the other screen in front of you.

Turn your phone into a tablet


Source: PC World

Since this dual-screen setup is the stand-out feature of the phone, ZTE has incorporated a lot of software quirks for you to utilize them fully. While you can use the two screens separately, you can also extend the displays. There is even a software button that allows you to switch between display modes. By extending the displays like this, the phone allows you to use your tablet pretty much like a tablet with the huge amount of screen real estate on your hands.

This means you can essentially use your phone like a tablet. ZTE has optimized the popular apps on the Play Store like Facebook, Chrome, Youtube, etc to take make the two screens perform like one huge one. You can even play games using the two screens in a way very reminiscent of the Nintendo DS.


Read a book like a book


By transforming your phone into a tablet and keeping it tilted, another fantastic thing you can do with the phone is read a book the way it’s meant to be read. By having something on your hand that folds. Yes we know, it is not paper, but, making use of PDFs or even pictures, you can read a book by folding the phone slightly so that both screens are pointed towards you. For purists, this is an amazing way to use the two screens.


“Netflix and chill” with a friend sitting opposite to you


Source: Digital Trends

Yet another way to switch display settings is “mirror mode”, which defines itself. It mirrors the same content onto both screens. This means you can set up the phone in a tent-like position on a surface and enjoy the same content with a friend who’s sitting on the other side. With dual speakers as well, this will surely make for a very interesting Netflix-ing session. It is of course a little unconventional, but if you’ve ever wanted to so something like this, you can now.

A feature that every car should have is a display with which you can enjoy a movie or a TV show while on-board. Another thing which is quite essential sometimes is a way to navigate your way when driving or riding shotgun. Normally, you would need two separate devices to achieve both of these things at the same time, but with the Axon M and its two screens, you can easily do that on the same device. By setting up the phone on your dashboard in a position where you can view both the screens together, you can enjoy an episode of Stranger Things while on the commute as you waze your wade through traffic with Google Maps.


So that’s our list of how you can utilize the two screens to their fullest. This phone truly is a special phone and the possibilities with it are endless. Can you come up with any other clever way to take advantage of the dual-screen system? Do let us know in the comments below!

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