Tesla Power Bank

Tesla Launches its First $45 Portable Power Bank

Recently Tesla has revealed two of their new projects which have absolutely driven the world of motors. However, Tesla is finally taking place in the industry of smartphones by launching its smartly designed power bank! A Tesla battery bank is definitely something which was never expected and definitely, it’s a wonderful astonishment to the Tesla fans!

Tesla’s power bank actually doesn’t look very different from the general power banks but definitely, it is stylish and looks quite elegant; the red and black classy design actually catches the eyes, definitely one of the most classy power banks I have seen so far and on the other the design is compact.

The technical specs of this product are quite fine but could have been better. When it comes to capacity it holds a single 18650 cell with 3350 mAh which will be making you able to charge your android phone for once and that might drag you to a slight disappointment. On the other hand, if you are looking for features, this phone provides you a built-in micro USB, USB, and an Apple Lightning Cable. Lastly, the highest rate of its output is 5V/1.5A which is seen in a lot of products which are a lot cheaper!

The only thing which is astoundingly impressive about this product is the dynamic design this battery bank and obviously, as it is a Tesla product it is going to be durable and will have a really good quality. You actually have a lot of better alternatives if you spend $45 for a power bank, as there are power banks which cost half of this and actually comes with the same features provided by this product. Overall, I want to say that if you are a real Tesla fan and love collecting their items then you should go for this product but if you are looking for a power bank for extreme and rough use then there are a lot of other choices to go for and sadly this product is not the one.

Tesla also has a desktop charger which comes with the same price, if you are Tesla fan then you might also like to take look on that product, apparently, the desktop charger’s design is quite elegant too! However, a Tesla power bank is definitely going to look actually amazing if you go out on an adventure with your Tesla!



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