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The Return of UC Browser to the Google Play Store!

You might have noticed that UC browser has faced a removal from the Google Play Store the last week. It was a nightmare to most of the android users, who used UC browser as UC browser is a browser which saves a quite lot of data compared to most of the browsers of the app store and on the other hand, the interface of UC browser is without a doubt user-friendly and fun to use. Fortunately, the browser is back to the Play Store now.

Definitely, UC Browser isn’t the most popular phone browser at this moment but it globally has a massive number of users.  An interesting fact about UC Browser being removed from the app store is nobody still knows the actual reason behind the removal of this user-friendly browser from the Google Play Store!

Some of the reports say that the partners who advertised UC Browser were enhancing the number of download of this software which led to this occurrence. On the other hand, a person who apparently claimed to be an employee of UC Browser tweeted that the company had used a few methods of increasing the amount of download and that caused this shameful unexpected circumstance and the person also said that UC Browser was going to be back within 30 days whereas UC Browser got back to the app store within a single week! Seemingly, within that week the company reported that there were no records of that employee working with UC Browser.

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The Business Group’s Head of Alibaba Mobile company has also stated about this matter, however, he said that this removal occurred because there was a setting in UC Browser which was not permitted in Google Play Store’s Policy.

Good thing, UC Browser is back and the android users can use its magnificent interface and the advantage of saving data again and apparently, it is back with a surprise and that is a new update on the app! Evidently, most of the users of UC Browser are situated in India; India has over 100 million monthly users. In this gap, Google Chrome has returned to the top position in India again which is definitely unfortunate for UC Browser. A removal of 30 days can actually drag a famous technological company back but the question is if UC browser is going to bounce back to the position it had before the removal.

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