Google to Roll Out 2 Factor Authentication For All Users

Google is marking the World Password Day by showing how passwords alone isn’t enough to secure your account from threats. On this auspicious occasion, Google is taking a significant step that will enable users to keep their accounts more secure.

The company is putting a great emphasis on two-factor authentication or 2SV & will activate on all the Google accounts by default. To be eligible for the upgrade, the accounts of the users need to be “appropriately configured”.

Those who have their accounts configured in the correct way, they will be asked to confirm if the right person is signing into the account by having to tap a prompt on the phone.

To check, head over to Google’s Security Checkup to enable it. You will have the option to opt out but we believe this isn’t the best course of action.

Two factor authentications are always good to have since even if your password is known by the hacker, there will be another check-post where you will be alarmed that your account has been compromised. Maximum of the google users tend to keep their gmail address as their primary account for any 3rd party services (facebook, instagram etc) for account verification and updates. If the google account is compromised, everything will go poof!

Head over to your account security check up and enable 2SV right away! Better be safe!

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