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10 Best Bangladeshi Facebook Groups to Join in May

The pandemic has most people stuck at home, scrolling through their social media aimlessly. What do we usually do on these sites? Not much, right? Just look at whatever comes up on our newsfeed and if we like it, we react to it.

But these 10 Facebook groups will upgrade your newsfeed and keep you entertained. So say GOODBYE to that aimless scrolling!

Coronavirus Emergency Response Bangladesh, Travellers of Bangladesh, FoodBank and many other great groups to join to use your time productively on Facebook.

1. Care for Paws

Care for Paws


A group created by non-profit animal welfare organization (Care For Paws) which works with volunteers and vets all around Bangladesh providing services for all animals in need. A quick post to this group will give you countless responses to all your animal related queries so that you can get the help your furry friend needs ASAP. When you see an animal suffering just report it to this group and animal rescuers will be at the site in just a few hours. And don’t worry about the rescued animals falling into the wrong hands because Care for Paws is registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. JOIN ? Care For Paws.

2. Desperately Seeking – Dhaka (DSD)

Desperatel Seeking Dhaka

Member Count: ~471,736

DSD is a group formed with the motto “Ask. Help. Unite. Empower”. Simply put, if you’re looking for something that you can’t find anywhere else in Dhaka, just ask about it here. This group has a large community with 470k+ members from all sectors in Dhaka. You can ask anything and get a helpful answer and the community is very friendly and cooperative. Join the group through this link ? Desperately Seeking – Dhaka (DSD). If you live outside Dhaka, DSD has two more sister groups for Chattogram and Cumilla with similar resources. Links below;

Desperately Seeking Comilla – (DSCo) 

Desperately Seeking~Chittagong (DSC) 

3. Bangladeshis Beyond Border: Undergrad Admission Info Portal

Bangladesh beyond borders

Member Count: ~65,805

Applying to universities abroad can be extremely nerve-racking. Especially because there’s not a lot of resources guiding you through it step by step and no matter how many Google searches you do, you sit there feeling more confused than ever before after each search. So this group was created by former applicants for students looking to apply to foreign universities. If you’re a high schooler trying to get into a good university abroad, this was made for you ? Bangladeshis Beyond Border: Undergrad Admission Info Portal 

4. Foodbank


Member Count: ~1,683,736

Always wondering what to eat for dinner? FoodBank is here to help! This group is full of foodies reviewing restaurants all over Bangladesh. You can find the best eats at any price range with the ratings of each item in every review. You can even share your thoughts about a restaurant be it positive or negative. Before you decide to spend your precious money on an expensive platter just from the pictures on social media be sure to check out all the reviews from this group ? FoodBank. You can also check out BANGLADESH EATS

5. Recycle Bin


Member Count: ~49,754

Bangladesh doesn’t have thrift stores, so what do you do with all your things that you don’t use anymore, but they’re still in good condition so you can’t just throw them away either. Easy, just sell them on Recycle Bin! A one-stop shop for all your thrifting needs. With a community with over 50k members you’ll surely get a good price on that PS4 you never get the time to play anymore! Start selling ? Recycle bin? 

6. The House of ART (THOA)

The Houseof Art

Member Count: ~82,662

A group created by artists for artists. This community accepts all kinds of art from digital to paintings, even singers and photographers are welcome to display their creative talents. This group is different because they promote every medium of art in Bangladesh AND international communities so your art could reach an international audience! If you’re an artist, join, because the world needs to see your creativity ? The House of ART (THOA)

 7. Coronavirus Emergency Response Bangladesh

Coronavirus Emergency Response

Member Count: ~578,169

What’s more May 2021 than the Coronavirus? Stay updated with authentic news about coronavirus and know what to do when your loved ones get affected with the right information. From the best ICUs to plasma donors and medications you can get all Corona related details in one group. No need to call around searching frantically for resources, it’s all here ?  Coronavirus Emergency Response Bangladesh

8. Travellers of Bangladesh (ToB)

Travellers of Bangladesh
Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Member Count: ~1,125,938

Need a vacation but don’t know how to start planning? Travellers of Bangladesh has members who are active, adventurous and know the best deals all over the world. Whether it be a group trip with your old mates or a solo trip to rediscover yourself, you can get all the information you need about your destination in this community ? Travellers of Bangladesh (ToB)

9.  Vacancy Announcement in BD

Vacancy Announcement

Member Count: ~349,924

We all know how hard it is to get a job in today’s job market and the pandemic isn’t helping much with it either. A group created by the job portal to connect professionals so a suitable job is guaranteed for every sector. Vacancy Announcement in BD has a number of services like head hunting, job placements, profile making services and even training. Visit the group here to get a job right up your alley ? Vacancy Announcement in BD. And it’s even harder for women so Jobs for Women in Bangladesh & Beyond is here to help.  

10. Gaming Hardware Buying and Selling

Gaming hardware and sell
Photo by Axville on Unsplash

Member Count: ~122,784

The best group for any hardcore gamer out there. You can buy, sell, and exchange all kinds of gaming equipment from here. Connect with thousands of gamers to experience the ultimate online gameplay, get new games without paying for it by exchanging your old ones and if you’re missing a part to your oh-so-precious console you can purchase it from right here ? Gaming Hardware Buying & Selling. If you’re looking for PC parts you can join PC Builders of Bangladesh.  

Whether you’re a foodie, an animal lover, art freak or a gamer, there’s a Facebook group for everyone. So no time to waste! Join these groups right now to get the best out of your Facebook feed.

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