5 Netflix Sitcoms to Binge on While You’re Stuck at Home

From weird coming of age stories to wholesome families finding their way, we’ve got all kinds of sitcoms in stock for you! Netflix has a collection of amazing sitcoms, but which ones to watch and which ones are a bore? We’ve picked out the 5 best ones that are a must watch.

Grab your popcorn and snacks and let’s get started!

1.Kim’s Convenience

IMDb: 8.2/10

This show follows a Korean immigrant family living in Toronto, Canada. Kim’s Convenience hilariously depicts the life of a stereotypical Korean family. The parents Umma and Appa run a convenience store. Their youngest daughter Janet is a university student studying photography (even though her parents think it’s not a subject worth studying and just want her to marry a nice, Christian, Korean boyfriend) and Jung is a high school dropout and the black sheep who’s been cut off from the family by his father. The Kim parents like to believe they are modern and forward thinking but their children think otherwise. Once you start watching, you’ll be glued to your screen till you finish all 5 seasons!

2. Schitt’s Creek

IMDb: 8.5/10

The billionaire married couple Johnny and Moira Rose suddenly go bankrupt from an embezzlement case being cheated on by their business manager. While everything they ever knew was taken away from them in just a blink of an eye the family was left stranded with a rural, small town Johnny Rose bought as a joke for his son David. Their children Alexis and David lived a pampered lifestyle and everything was provided for them by their parents so they had to move in with their parents as well. Watch this family ridiculously struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives throughout 6 seasons on Netflix right now! 

3. Big Mouth

IMDb: 8/10

Coming of age is tough for everyone. All those changes, emotions, hormones make life as hard as it can get.Thankfully, Andrew and Nick are going through puberty along with their friends and their “helpful” hormone monsters to guide them through everything. An original netflix sitcom that captures their struggles and teaches the audience a thing or two about coming of age. All 4 seasons are available on Netflix right now!

4. The Good Place

IMDb: 8.2/10

Eleanor finds herself stuck in The Good Place after passing away. “Architect” of the Good Place Michael introduces Chidi to her as her soulmate and explains that there’s everything a person could ever want here. Eleanor and Chidi meet their fellow Good Place neighbours Tahani and her soulmate Jianyu. But there’s a slight problem, Eleanor isn’t the person everyone thinks she is in the Good Place. Find out how she tries to right her wrongs throughout 4 seasons in this utopian afterworld.

5. Derry Girls

IMDb: 8.4/10

Set in 1990 in a small town Derry in Northern Ireland, it shows the teenage life of Erin and her friends amongst the world of armed police and the British army during The Troubles. Nevertheless, Erin is more concerned about her life at school, her crush and her meddling cousin Orla. The teenage life will go on no matter what the circumstances! Join Erin and her group of friends for 2 seasons as they deal with the pain of growing up.

If you’re stuck at home being glued to your screen, might as well be stuck glued to GOOD Netlfix shows. These five sitcoms are guaranteed to crack you up during these trying times. Stay safe, stay home and binge on Netflix! 

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