6 Reasons Why You Should Play Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 character based tactical shooter game published by Riot games for Microsoft Windows.. So you can play with your friends and if you want you can play with random players from around the globe. Play with a different agent for a different gameplay experience each time. And so many weapons and maps to choose from! 

Here are the 6 reasons why you should start playing Valorant ASAP:

1. It’s Free!

Unlike most PC Games, Valorant is completely free! That means you can just download the game and play it for absolutely no money. There are some in-game purchases, but they don’t affect your gameplay. Prove your gaming skills on an international platform without spending a dime. You don’t even need a high configuration gaming PC to play it! You can download the game here – VALORANT.

2. The Experience

This game is not just about knowing how to shoot, you have to use your tactical abilities to its core. In other first person shooting games the players can jump off buildings or run while shooting, but you can’t do this here.

Sensitivity, crosshair placement and being stable while shooting is very important or else you’ll miss that headshot. And there’s only one life per round so no respawning, you’ll have to think fast to outsmart your enemies. These small details make the gameplay more intense and competitive, so even more fun!

3. The Agents

There are a total of 15 agents in the game, each with a different ability. These agents are divided into 4 categories – Duelist, Initiator, Controller and Sentinel and each of these categorized players play an important part in how your team is formed. So the game is not just about headshots and weapons, you need to choose an agent with the perfect ability and category for the best gameplay to make sure your team wins.

The agents come equipped with a wide range of powers like reviving other team mates, scouting, releasing toxins, surveillance and so many more! It’s up to you which agent you choose and how to best use their abilities. This game is guaranteed to exercise all your gaming strategies. A gameplay with every agent feels like a completely different experience. 

4. The Gaming Modes

There are so many game modes and each one with a unique feature! If you’re in the mood for crushing your enemies and boosting your rank up you can play the Competitive mode. Or if you just wanna play with friends casually to test your skills there’s the Unranked mode for that! These two modes last for 30-40 minutes each.

If you’re feeling extra confident with your skills, play Spike Rush where the time is shortened and you’ll be assigned with random weapons to play. Or Deathmatch, a game mode where you’ll be placed with 14 different players in a randomly selected map and you keep killing till the time’s up. There’s also Escalation, Replication, Practice Game Modes and new modes are added after every few updates to keep the players excited.

5. The Maps

Valorant has 6 playable maps which are – Breeze, Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent and Icebox. Each map is distinctly designed for you to use your creativity and skills when it comes to tackling your enemies. You’ll need a different strategy for every map. Some maps have wide open spaces so you’ll need to learn how to take cover or some have zip lines which can help you spot your enemies better. There are also maps that have two sites or three sites to mix up your gameplay. It’s completely up to you how you take advantage of the map you choose.

6. Earn Money!

Since Valorant is all the hype right now, it can also be a source of earning! Thousands of teams across the globe are always on the scout for the best Valorant players to make their team undefeatable. There are gaming communities in Bangladesh as well that stream looking to hire the best players in our country. BD Headhunters is one of the most popular ones right now. Or if you don’t wanna join someone else’s team you can always start streaming on your own on Twitch or Facebook. 

Go download Valorant and start experiencing the gameplay of your lifetime with your friends! Build up your rank and play with people from around the globe making friends as you go up. Play with exciting agents, game modes and maps and test your skills to its limit on Valorant right now! Are you pumped and ready to get this gaming session started?  

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