12 tiktok profiles to follow

12 Tiktokers You Need To Follow (Minus the Weird Ones..)

You don’t understand how Tiktok works? All you see is a bunch of kids dancing around?

Well no need to worry!

We’re here to help you find the best content there is on Tiktok. Trust me, there’s more to Tiktok than you know. Take a look at these creators below:

1. @kabonster 

Abdullah Kabani is a phone repair specialist. He can take a completely smashed phone and transform it into one that looks brand new. He talks you through the repairing process, discusses what needs to be changed and what needs to be kept as is.

His tiktoks can give you a pretty good idea on things like how to take care of your phone, when to change the battery and many more. Plus the repairing process is SO SATISFYING to watch!

2. @dr.karanr

Dr. Karan Raj, a surgical doctor, enlightens his followers with important health and medical advice. He also makes social awareness and reaction tiktoks.

His followers can learn a lot about everyday health and hygiene that a normal person would ignore. His contents are usually to the point and informational.

3. @kellyemmrich

An amazing digital illustrator and animator. Her animations are mostly about her everyday life and the art style is so unique that every animation will keep you mesmerized. She also made a beautiful animation about Trevor Noah’s message about the Black Lives Matter Movement. With Tiktok full of dancers and actors, we need more artists like her!

4. @minneninja

Jennifer Tavernier is a fitness coach who makes short workout routine videos on Tiktok. Her tiktoks are easy to follow and all her workouts can be done at home! She also recently shared her experience on how she built her abs after having a baby! Her workout routines start from beginner level all the way to expert.

5. @kodyantle 

You might know Kody Antle from the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King”. He’s an animal trainer working at Myrtle Beach Safari. If you love watching tigers and lions behave like adorable little kittens then this is the Tiktok account for you. He makes tiktoks about other wild animals too but most are about the many types of big cats in the safari. 

6. @jacob 

Jacob Riglin is a traveller and photographer. He makes Tiktoks about photography tips, editing tips and captures amazing shots from his many travels. He’s also a fan of extreme sports and records all his experiences for his Tiktok followers to watch. If you’re a fan of stunning views then you should definitely follow him.

7. @ludus

Need help with maths? Don’t worry, Tiktok creator Ludus is here to save the day! He makes videos teaching how to do quick mental maths, gives tips on how to do well in standardized tests and many other fun math related contents. He makes maths fun for everyone! 

8. @vintagestockreserve 

Everyone has old clothes lying around in their house that they don’t know what to do with. The solution is simple: upcycle it. Vintage Stock Reserve makes tiktoks about upcycling fashion. They can take old boring t-shirts and make them fun! It’s a sustainable fashion brand that works to promote thrift shopping. 

9. @greybirchdesigns

Kaycie Chiampi is the creator behind this Tiktok handle. She’s an interior designer who shares her process with everyone to see so that anyone can DIY their dream home. She also gives her viewers decorating tips to make their homes look like they’re straight out of Architectural Digest! 

10. @rescueforwinston 

Laila was moving back to Kuwait with her two year old cat who had been approved for flight by the vets in Washington prior to her flight. But the customs officer stopped her when she landed in Kuwait and forced her to leave Winston for “healthcare checkups”. Few hours went by and Winston was declared missing. After two days they brought him back to her dead from a heatstroke. So Laila started a her mission to make sure no Kuwaiti animals die like her pet died with the hashtag #justiceforwinston. Rescue for Winston makes sure all animals in distress are saved. Read Winston’s full story here:  Fundraiser for Laila DSouza by Allison Snow : Winston Cat Memorial Foundation 

11. @supercarblondie

Alexandra Mary “Alex” Hirschi is the creator of this Tiktok account. She finds the coolest cars in the world and shares them with her viewers. She loves hunting down the craziest automobiles and according to her she’s “that girl with the cars”. If you love automobiles then you NEED to follow her! 

 12. @khaby.lame

Saving the best for the last, Khabane Lame, a man we all know and adore. He recently went viral for busting “life hacks” in the funniest way possible. He blew up on Tiktok and mostly makes entertainment contents. If you want your funny bone tickled then go follow him! He needs no other description.

No need to waste any more time, download Tiktok right now and start following these creators now!

Have fun scrolling!

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