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bKash Personal Retail Account (PRA): Business Made Easy

bKash provides an easy and fast way to send and receive money through mobile devices, make payments for purchases, buy tickets etc. A bKash account is actually “virtual storage of money”. It is the most widely used transaction portal all throughout Bangladesh but now they have stepped up their game and introduced a special account called the Personal Retail Account.

What is a Personal Retail Account (PRA)?

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bKash started promotion of this new service on June 1st 2021. It’s a special type of bKash account only for micro to small businesses. Any business working in retail (eg. a fuchka stall or a tea stall) and through Facebook (f-commerce) can easily receive money from their clients through bKash. During a pandemic it’s very important that we try to avoid all kinds of physical interactions, so this move by bKash is just what the doctor ordered. Literally.

What do you need to create a PRA?

bKash tried to keep it simple in terms of registration so that anyone can access this service.

You don’t need much to register for this account. You would need the following things to register.

  • National Identity Card (NID)
  • A phone with which you can take a picture of yourself
  • A phone number registered against your NID
  • Proof of ownership of your SIM Card
  • Nominee’s NID card 

And a few other optional things.

This is pretty much all you need to create this account. The steps are simple and you can create an account from anywhere through this link- bKash Personal Retail Account Registration.

Just follow the steps in the link and you’re good to go!

Types of profiles for PRA

A personal retail account has two types of profiles:

  1. Limited Personal Retain Account with a limit of Tk 999 per transaction.
  2. Full Personal Retail Account with a limit of Tk 2000 per transaction (After Limited PRA is updated)

So a business can receive or send an amount according to their type of profile at a time. For more information regarding the two types of profiles you can contact their live customer support chat here- Live Chat or call their helpline at 16247. 

Why does a small business need a PRA? 

With a PRA your customers can easily pay you directly through bKash. For online businesses, there’s no hassle of cash on delivery or worrying about customers not paying the proper amount because they don’t have change.

You can keep accounts of all your transactions through the bKash app. And the best part about a PRA is that you don’t need a trade license for registering. You can send money to personal accounts, send and receive money from other PRA and Merchant Accounts and you can link your PRA account directly to your bank account.

Transaction Limits

A full list of bKash PRA limits is given below directly from the bKash website

Things to note before registering for a PRA

To use the Personal Retail Account online, you need to download the bKash Merchant app or you can also dial *247#. A PRA cannot be created with a mobile number that already has a personal account but it is possible to create a PRA with a NID that has a personal account. bKash is offering this service to both online and offline businesses and you don’t need to visit a bKash Customer Care to create an account.

Another great thing about the PRA is the Personal Retail Account Bonus which is, if you receive payment from 20 different customers a month with a minimum of Tk 50 per payment then you can get a bonus of Tk 100 from bKash.

A Personal Retail Account is definitely something a business holder should consider. It makes all your business transactions easier and faster than ever before. And since bKash is a digital transaction service, you never have to worry about your money being misplaced by various delivery services like before. 

To know more about this account click here- bKash brings Personal Retail Accounts for small businesses 

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