Top 10 Android Games You Haven’t Played in 2021

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering mobile gaming or are just bored of the current games  you play. This article will list the top 10 android games you haven’t played yet in 2021

10. Grandpa and Granny 3: Death Hospital

The Grandpa and Granny 3: Death Hospital is the third installment of the Escape from Grandpa and Granny horror game series. The game takes place in a mental hospital for criminals. The hospital is overrun by the patients who create chaos and turbulence- granny and grandpa being two of the patients. The Player’s task is to escape from the hospital and call the police.

The old couple were released by their son Mister Dog , and the protagonist also had some part in it. Throughout the game, you will know what part the protagonist had in their release. Escaping the hospital is quite a challenge as the exits and entrances are blocked, multiple puzzles here and there and patients of the asylum to worry about, including the couple. The player has to escape using one of the four escape options while staying concealed from the patients and finding and using the objects scattered around to help with the escape.

It is a great option for your android phone with almost 1500 downloads and a game I enjoyed alot for sure.

9. Angry Dad

This game has a rather unconventional theme as you play the role of a father who is an avid football fan but not so much of a fan when it comes to household chores.

The father keeps getting interrupted by phone calls and household work while he is watching his football games which makes the dad annoyed and angry.

The player’s goal is to ensure that a bar which represents the anger of the father does not fill up before the timer stops. The player can do that by watching some football, then doing some household work and then watching again. Doing this until the timer stops will ensure victory in this game.

If you are looking for a fun arcade game with an unusual theme then this game is totally worth a try.

8. The Spike- Volleyball Story

This game is inspired by the game Power Spike which is also a volleyball game. You  have to engage in a 2v2 volley ball game with the AI and the first team to score 5 points wins the game. There are tons of other game modes where you have to play with different AI teams. The AI teams get more difficult as you progress through the game so you have  to upgrade your team using coins. Using coins, the player’s attributes can be improve or newer equipment can be bought which will help defeat the stronger AI teams

Overall this is a great volleyball game with great controls and graphics for touch screen devices.

7. Death Invasion: City Survival

Have you ever imagined you were in a horrifying world with a zombie pandemic? Well this game turns that imagination into reality.  You get to immerse yourself in  a world of nonstop action in a city infested by zombies. Your objective is to roam around the city and search for green control points all the while kicking down doors and shooting zombies in the face. 

It is a good FPS shooter with great mechanics and control and the graphics are satisfactory for a mobile game. If you are looking for a game with frantic action and chaos then Death invasion is the game for you.

6. Marble Clash: Crazy Fun Shooter

This game is similar to a battle royale game where you are up against many other players. The objective is to collect as many coins as possible until the time runs out. Players in game fight against each other as they compete for the coins; the map size, meanwhile, keeps shrinking, making the engagements between players more and more probable thus increasing chaos in the game. The shooting elements and the movement in the game are very entertaining and will surely get you hooked to it in no time. The game is also visually very appealing with colorful maps.

This is a game that I highly recommend if you haven’t tried out already. 


If you loved drifting in the Need for Speed or the Forza games then this game is for you. This is an offline drift simulator where you have to score points by drifting. Smooth and constant drifts will increase your multiplier which will help earn more points.

The game has a variety of great looking cars to choose from and the maps are well designed for drifting. Graphically the game is great too. The game has proper driving physics which makes the game more fun.

Project Drive 2.0 is still underdevelopment but at its current state it’s a great game and definitely worth a shot.

4. Glow Course

This is an interesting and entertaining arcade game where you control a glowing ball along the tracks. The objective is to avoid the obstacles that are placed in the tracks. There are coins, power ups and upgrades to help you along the way.

The game features over 36 different levels which vary in theme, are fast paced and well balanced with tons of obstacles. It is a simple game with not so flashy gameplay which makes the game a great time killer if you are stuck in traffic or are waiting somewhere.

3. Zombie Game: Disease of Hazard

Another game that takes place in a zombie apocalyptic world, Disease of Hazard takes place in a virus riddled city where you have to fight through hordes of zombies to get to your daughter and take her somewhere safe. Throughout the game, you will be met with different weapons and equipment to help you on your mission.

The game has great combat aspects. There is something very satisfying about mowing down a full zombie army at once with a rifle. The game also has quite a storyline despite it being a zombie shooter. Overall you don’t have to be a fan of zombie games to like this. A Must try.

2. Slash of Sword 2

Slash of Sword 2 is an RPG game set in medieval times. The story starts with the protagonist getting framed and falsely accused of a crime and therefore has to fight other criminals in the arena as punishment.

The combat is satisfactory and enjoyable. There is an attack, a dodge and a block button which you can use during combat. Winning fights will give you gold and other items which you can use during combat. Gold can be used to buy upgrades and equipment which will help you during battle. However, like most free to play games, earning in game currency is difficult so you may progress at a slower rate than someone who decides to spend real money on the game.

The game looks very beautiful for a mobile game and the story and dialogues are very well done. If you’re an RPG fan then I highly recommend this game.

1.Lost Light

Lost Light is a Survival, Progression, and Competition mobile game developed by Netease Games.

In Lost Light, you play as a member of the fire squad, surviving in the exclusion zone where order has ceased to exist and is dangerous, while finding out the secrets and conspiracies hidden in the back. You will go into battle fully armed, sweeping up enemies for resources and working with others to gather supplies to survive and face more challenges in the Exclusion Zone.

There are many ways to play together in the game. In the battlefield, you can save a fallen stranger, temporarily ally with him, and try to escape from the blockade. Conversely, you can also send out distress signals when you are down, transmitting your coordinates to those around you and getting help from others in return for supplies.

In addition, you can use the supplies collected on the battlefield to transform the ruins of the Underground Railroad into a survival shelter, where they can trade goods and share information with others. In addition to fighting, you can also survive in the world by doing business.

It’s number one on my list because a game like this for a mobile device is very rare and it is a game that’s very well developed and I definitely recommend it.

Have I missed any games? Do let me know in the comments below

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