5 Budget Gaming Mice That You Can Buy On The Market Today

Whether you are an avid fan of single player games or an aspiring professional in online multiplayer games, it is important to be well equipped with the right peripherals.

I’m writing this article to tell you that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money behind a proper gaming mouse like most people believe so. Here are 5 cheap but very reliable gaming mice that you can find on the market today.

5. Newman G7

The Newman G7 is a very good option if you are looking to save some money while having a decent experience with a gaming mouse. Weighing at 363g, it doesn’t feel like a burden moving the mouse around and makes flicking in shooter games easier. It has a great sensor with DPI options of 800, 1200 and 1600. Such features will make sure you get that all important headshot in your competitive shooter games. The mouse comes with 2  extra programmable buttons and a DPI button in the middle besides the right, left  and the middle mouse button(scroll). The extra two buttons help gamers configure important in-game actions to the buttons which greatly increases convenience as the buttons are closer to their fingers. The mouse has a good grip and an ergonomic shape which can lead to greater comfort for gamers which is very important for the very long gaming sessions we so adore.

For 1500 taka, the Newman G7 is a bargain in my opinion for what it provides at that price and I highly recommend this mouse if you are facing a tight budget or just simply want to save money.

4. A4Tech Bloody V3m

The Bloody v3m is a solid mouse for its price range at 1480 taka. The black body of the mouse with glowing red lights is a great combination and makes it look very appealing.

Weighing at 322 g, It’s slightly lighter than the G7 but the feel still remains the same. However the v3m has a better sensor than the G7 with DPI options of 800, 1600 and 3200 but this can be customized using the software that comes with the mouse. What’s unique about this mouse is its shape and size; it can accommodate almost any hand out there and comfort is a top priority for the engineers of this mouse. It has 3 DPI buttons for the three DPI values mentioned above and the clicks are very responsive and comfortable to use. The mouse also contains  two extra programmable buttons as previously mentioned in the G7 review. 

The Bloody V3m is a huge bang for your buck for the features it offers and it will easily serve you for 1.5 to 2 years. 

3. Logitech G102

This mouse made by the Swiss manufacturer Logitech is a fan favorite and is usually the first gaming mouse that people buy. The mouse weighs an astonishing 85g and is quite small in size, making it a very comfortable mouse to use . It has an entirely black body with a Logitech G RGB logo ingrained in the front, the light having approximately 16.8 million color options which can be customized from the Logitech software that comes with the mouse.The mouse reports 1,000 times per second, 8x faster than standard mice. This means when the mouse is moved or clicked the onscreen response is virtually instantaneous. The mouse offers 200 to 8000 DPI allowing for a wide range of DPI values, as a result meeting more people’s preferences. The mouse has 2 extra programmable buttons and a DPI button that allows you to choose from up to five DPI settings while in-game.

However, the clicks of the mouse tend to get damaged upon use for about 6-7 months( the infamous “ double click” issue) but this problem can be fixed at a small price simply by changing the clicks. The small size of the mouse also means that people with larger hands might not be able to grip the mouse properly which may lead to some uncomfort.

Other than the double click issue, the G102 is an excellent choice for its price tag of 2100 taka and I strongly believe this mouse competes with the flagship  gaming mice of Logitech or other manufacturers.

2. Corsair Harpoon×576.jpeg

The Corsair Harpoon is built to deliver, equipped with a 6000 DPI optical gaming sensor and advanced tracking for more precision. The mouse has a minimalistic black look to it with a corsair RGB logo in the front, making it different from other gaming mice with flashy looks at this price range. The mouse has 2 extra programmable buttons along with the left and right click button and a DPI button for adjusting DPI in-game. All the buttons are manufactured by Omron. The DPI button can however confuse people as there is no indication of how much the DPI has actually changed.

The rubber grip of the mouse makes it very easy for tracking and also provides comfort to the hands.Like the 3rd and the 4th mouse on the list, the Corsair Harpoon also comes with a  CORSAIR iCUE software which helps users customize their DPI or the lighting in the RGB logo on the mouse. However, the Software can be buggy at times and may reset the custom settings set by the user which can be an inconvenience. The build quality is perfect for users with medium to small sized hands but just like the G102, users with slightly bigger hands may face some discomfort while using it.The compact and lightweight body helps users with quick reactions and reduces fatigue over time.What’s astonishing is the life cycle of the buttons which is 20 million clicks; mice at this price range usually does not have such a long life cycle.

For a price of 1600 taka, the Corsair Harpoon surely is an option to consider if you are looking to buy a quality mouse at a low price.

1.Razer Viper Mini Ultra Light-Weight Chroma RGB Gaming Mouse

The Razer Viper Mini is a little bit more expensive than the other mice mentioned but still falls in the budget mice category in my opinion. At just 61g, it truly lives up to its name as a light weight mouse. The Viper mini is just a smaller form of the Razer Viper Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse which means the Viper Mini can also be used by users who are left-handed.The small size of the Viper Mini means that users with small to medium hands can comfortably use the mouse.The light weight of the mouse allows users to make swifter swipes without expending too much energy behind each swipe. The mouse uses 6 programmable modern optical switches( utilizing a laser beam for every click) instead of mechanical switches which makes every click very responsive (an industry-leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds). The use of optical switches also means the issue of “ double click” is avoided. The mouse also uses an optical gaming sensor which allows DPI upto 8500, making the mouse a very good option for fps games.The braiding of the Razer Speedflex Cable makes the cable more durable and  is designed to produce minimal drag, so that users can perform quicker, more fluid swipes for a higher degree of control.The mouse has a black body with the RGB Razer emblem in the front and also has unique RGB underglow. Users can  program or create dynamic lighting effects from the ground up via Razer Synapse 3, Razer’s software for their peripherals. 

The typical RGB looks of any razer product in Razer Viper Mini and its implementation of  modern optical switches shocks me as to how this mouse falls in the 2500-2800 taka price range.

Did you have any other mouse in mind? Do let me know in the comments below.

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