8 Gadgets You Can Buy For Your Technophile Friends -Under Tk. 5,000

The latest tech gadgets always make for a great gift! No tech lover will turn down 8 of these amazing gadgets (that are also super affordable). You can also treat yourself to one of these if you like!

So look no further, here are a few gadgets that can satisfy the needs of any technofile out there.

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FANTECH HG23 Octane Headset

Price: Tk. 2,800

A good gaming headset for a reasonable price is very hard to find. But we’ve got your back! If your gamer friend loves an immersive gaming experience then this is just what he needs! It has a true 7.1 surround sound facility so anyone wearing it will feel like they are in the game with their teammates! The mic is omnidirectional so the other players can hear you even if you’re speaking from the other side. No chance of missing any words during your vital gaming sessions!

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2

Price: Tk. 2,586

Earbuds are all the buzz nowadays. So it makes for the perfect gift for anyone! But finding a good pair of earbuds within a price range is not easy. Redmi Airdots 2 are great because they give you anything as any high end earbuds would! It is lightweight, true wireless, has low latency, long battery life and much more. The size is also compact and easy to carry around. 

Apple Air Tag

Price: Tk. 3,490

Do you know anyone who just can’t keep track of any of their things? Then this is the gift they need. Apple Airtag is such a simple gadget, you just pair it up with your iPhone and you’re all set. Attach it to keys, bags, wallets and anything that you think you might lose and find it within seconds using this tracker. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Price: Tk. 3,990

The Mi TV Stick is a portable media player. It’s so small that it can fit in your pocket. If your friend likes watching movies on big screens then this is the perfect gift. It works similar to any other media players like Chromecast or Apple TV but for half the price! You plug it into your TV, connect it to the WiFi and start watching. It even supports voice search, smart cast and it comes with a bluetooth remote.


Xiaomi 10000mAh With Wireless Charging 

Price: Tk. 2,490

This powerbank is the best Xiaomi has released so far. You can charge 3 devices simultaneously on fast charge. It can be used as a charging pad too by simply placing your device on top of it. It can even charge phones with the phone case on. This is for that friend whose phone is always under 20%. 

Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 Price: Tk. 3,490

A great portable bluetooth speaker for its price. It can be easily carried around to party anywhere, anytime! It’s also IPX7 waterproof and has reduced distortion so even if you blast your music to the highest volume the sound will be crisp and clear. It’s great for long time use too, can be used for up to 12 hours on full charge! Great for a friend who loves to play music loud. 

Amazfit Bip u 

Price: Tk. 4,690

Is your friend into tech and health? Get them this fitness watch! It has over 60 sport modes, blood-oxygen level measurement system, sleep quality monitoring and many more exciting fitness features. It comes in a wide range of fun colours to match your every mood. It has a super light body and is water resistant so that you can workout without any worries. It’s not just about fitness, it can show your messages, calls and notifications as well!. 

Fantech RGB Mouse Pad

Price: Tk. 1,350 

A proper gaming setup is important for every gamer! This is a sleek mouse pad with 14 mode RGB spectrum lighting that looks great with any gaming setup! Gaming for long hours can start to hurt your wrists. That’s why a great mouse pad with cool lighting is a very important part of any gaming setup. The surface is so soft and comfortable, just like a cloud! Get this for your gamer friend today.

Tech gifts are undoubtedly very hard to shop for if you don’t know much about it. Even though everyone loves a new gadget, it’s not that easy to buy because of the price. Hopefully these few gadgets will impress any of your tech lover friends without a problem. Start shopping today and get the best gadgets at an affordable rate.

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