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10 Functional Gadgets You Can Get For Under Tk 200

Looking for a cool, functional gadget for a small budget? Look no further! Turns out there’s a lot of things you can buy for under Tk 200. But we have compiled the 10 best ones for you. Everyone should have these nifty gadgets.

Tk 200 Bangladeshi Note

Mini USB LED Light

Price: Tk 35

If you need to study or work till late at night then this gadget might come in handy. It’s an easy to use mini portable LED light. You just plug it into your USB port and it should turn on. You can bend it any way you like because it’s flexible. It makes typing a lot easier in the dark just in case you need that extra bit of light other than your screen. You can even plug it into a powerbank and use it to read books in the dark. 

Remax Micro USB to USB Type C Adapter

Price: Tk 25

Most chargers have micro USB cables which are not compatible with many of the latest smartphones which have a USB type C. So instead of buying another charger you can just get this adapter and you can use any charger to charge your device. It’s very small and easy to carry. It lessens the hassle of carrying around your charger everywhere you go. 

2 Way U Splitter Converter

Price: Tk 70 

The latest laptops and phones usually have only one headphone jack and some have none at all! So that means if your headphones have a separate audio and microphone cable then you’ll only be able to connect the audio. So this is a handy little gadget to have so that you can connect both the cables through one port. It’s U shaped. You can just plug in your cables in the right jack and you will be good to go. 

5 in 1 Sim Adapter

Price: Tk 30

A nano SIM is only used in the latest smartphones so if you suddenly need to change to an older one for emergency cases it’s hard to fit in your SIM. This 5 in 1 nano SIM adapter consists of all SIM adapter sizes, a SIM filer and a SIM tray opener. Makes it easier to switch from one device to another without the trouble of going to your service provider’s customer care centre to change your SIM size.

Yunteng YT-228 Mini Tripod

Price: Tk 190

We all have online meetings and classes right now. Even if we don’t, it’s tough to prop up your phone against objects lying around in your house to get that perfect picture. This is just the product to save us from all that turmoil. This mini tripod is portable and compact. It can even be used as a selfie stick if you just fold in the three legs. And it holds your phone in place perfectly! 

5 Hole Cable Organiser

Price: Tk 149

Cables tend to get tangled when you keep them lying around. Most of us nowadays own more than one device and that means so many cables! Headphones, laptop charger, mobile charger, tablet charger, etc and they’re usually kept all together in front of the port. So just to keep you a little organised you can get this 5 hole cable organiser which you can stick beside your table or on your table to keep your cable from getting tangled up.

KZ Earphone Pouch

Price: Tk 130

We all know how much of a mess it is to carry around an earphone. It gets twisted with other things or itself. But you know what might be handy? This sleek black earphone pouch that you can just slip into your pocket. No need to worry about twisted earphones anymore! It can carry upto 2 earphones as well.

Selfie Ring Light

Price: Tk 160

Ring lights are very expensive and the range usually starts from Tk 1000. But don’t worry we’ve found a solution! This mini selfie ring light will do just the trick. You don’t even need a stand because you can just attach it to your phone and turn it on. Get this ring light and take selfies and pictures with perfect lighting everytime!

Mini USB Fan

Price: Tk 45

Hot summer days stuck on a bus or rickshaw in traffic are unbearable. So this is just the gadget for people in Bangladesh. You can carry this USB fan around and just plug it into your powerbank to use it. You can bend it as well to make it face your way. And the price is just UNBELIEVABLY cheap! Only Tk 45!  

Gaming Finger Sleeves

Price: Tk 25

Your fingers can get really sore and sweaty during an intense mobile gaming session, that’s why you need these finger gloves! You won’t miss a move anymore if you have these in hand. They are also scratch proof and breathable so that you can play your games comfortably.

You don’t always need to spend a fortune to get a good gadget. With a huge range of tech and gadgets on the market you can get one for almost any price range. Hopefully these few affordable gadgets will make your life just a little bit easier! 

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