Windows 11 Reveal Event: Everything That Was Announced

After 5 years of Windows 10, Microsoft finally announced the launch of Windows 11 today. A start of a new era, a new beginning for Windows and its users. And it’s the biggest update of the decade according to the company’s CEO Satya Nadella. A new Windows interface, new Microsoft store, everything was built from the ground up and we are here to show you everything you need to know about the reveal event just in case you missed it.

The New Windows Interface

The new Windows interface is much cleaner than it ever was. Everything is at the center of the task bar. The new task bar includes apps and also your recently closed documents. Closed a document and can’t locate it? No need to worry about it anymore, your computer will do the remembering for you. 

Windows is now available with an improved light mode and dark mode, rounded corners and softer visuals. Waking from sleep, Windows hello and browsing is way faster than it ever was. The best  of all: It is the most secure Windows till date. Windows updates from now on will be 40% smaller, more efficient and all of this will happen in the background. Now, the new Start menu, also located in the center with all the other apps. The new Start menu drops the Live Tiles right in the center of the screen. 

Windows Snap Layouts

Windows has always been big on multitasking. But with Windows 11, it’s on another level. They introduced Snap Layouts. Now you can choose how many screens you wanna see at once and how you wanna see them. Connect from PC to laptop and change devices easily without reconfiguring your layout. It doesn’t get easier than this! 

Windows Widgets and Gestures

The widgets on Windows 11 are incredible. You can completely personalize your widget screen. You can rearrange or resize your widgets any way you like! It sits on the left side of your Windows screen and with one swipe to the right you can make it fullscreen.

There are built-in widgets to Windows 11 and one of the best things about these widgets is that there is one that lets you tip local creators right from your PC.

Gestures on your Windows tablet are also better now. Separating your keyboard will no longer switch to tablet mode, it’ll stay the same with the centered task bar and everything. And there will be a lot of pen usage in Windows 11.


Windows 11 is perfect for gaming for 2 reasons:

Superior Graphics: Auto HDR is now available on your PC. With this, the colours in your game are more vibrant. Over 1000 games will be automatically enhanced on Windows devices that support Windows 11. 

Amazing Speed: Microsoft 11 is introducing DirectStorage which is from Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Game Pass will also be available for both your PC and Xbox. Your games will run faster without clogging down your CPU.

The New Microsoft Store

The new app store has been built completely from scratch. It is the safest and most secure way to get apps. And for developers, Microsoft said they wanted to give back to the backbone of its industry and announced that developers can keep 100% of the revenues from Microsoft Store. The biggest announcement for the new app store was the support of Android apps. You can access the Amazon app store through Microsoft Store to get Android apps on your PC.  You can watch Tiktok on your PC now!

Microsoft 11 promises to bring its users a whole new user experience at a faster speed.

This new Windows update is surely to be one of the biggest tech updates of 2021. 

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