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10 Tricks on Microsoft PowerPoint You Might Not Know

PowerPoint is tough for most of us. Mainly because once you get your slide to a point you’re satisfied with, then you go back to edit it the whole thing gets messed up and you have to start all over again. To make it easier for you, here are a few tricks that can help you with your PowerPoint game!

Table to Shapes

You can break a table on PowerPoint into shapes, lines and textboxes! If you have a table that you want to break into shapes you simply need to copy the table then open the Paste Special dialog box using CTRL+ALT+V and select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) then click OK.

Then simply ungroup the table using CTRL+SHIFT+G and your whole table will be broken down into individual shapes, lines and textboxes.

SmartArt to Shapes

SmartArt is great for creating slides quickly but it can be a mess to edit. So to make it easier you can convert it into shapes and move it around easily. It’s very simple, all you have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+G on your keyboard to ungroup it. Then ungroup it a second time and your SmartArt should be converted to shapes that you can use however you like.

Reorder Bullet Points

Usually, to reorder your bullet points you have to cut and copy multiple times. But with this trick there will be none of that. Select the desired bullet point you want to move and hold CTRL+SHIFT+ the up or down keys to move your point up or down. As easy as that!

Increase the number of Undos

PowerPoint by default has the limit of Undos set to 20. And sometimes that isn’t enough. Good news! You can increase the number upto 150 if you want. Go to PowerPoint Options>Advanced then at the end of Editing Options you can see that it’s possible to increase the number of undos. Just change the number to any amount of undos you want and click OK.

Embed Fonts

Fonts are a very important part of a presentation. And you might have to share your presentation with someone else who doesn’t have the font you used. What do you do in that case? Simple, just embed the fonts you used so even if you share the file the fonts will stay the same. Go to File>Options then Save then tick the box that says embed fonts in the file and click OK. Done!

Compress File Size

Sometimes you spend a long time making a beautiful presentation only to find out the file is too large for you to send and it’s taking hours to upload anywhere. There’s an easy way to fix this. Most of your file size belongs to the images you attach to your presentation. So by reducing the size of the images you can reduce the file size by a lot. Simply click an image and go to Format>Compress pictures and deselect Apply only to this picture. Then click E-mail (96 ppi) to make it easy to share.

Turn Presentation File into A Video

Turn Your Cursor Into A Pen

When you’re delivering a presentation it’s important to underline or circle a certain information to get the point across. So how do you do this? It’s pretty simple. Just click CTRL+P then your cursor will act as a pen and you can draw anywhere on the slide.

Add Background Audio

You can use music or your voice recording as background audio in your slideshow. To do this click on the Insert tab then go to Audio>Audio in my PC>Play in Background. But this only works when you’re in presentation mode and not in editing mode.

Align Images or Objects

Symmetry makes everything look a thousand times better. So instead of eye balling your alignments in a slide, just simply go to the Format tab> Align>choose the type of alignment you want. 

Creating a great presentation takes a lot of work especially on PowerPoint. So we hope these 10 tricks can help make your life a little bit easier with all these work from home presentation assignments and office work as well! 

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