A Solar Powered Bicycle That Runs Both On Water And Land?!

Using the energy from sunlight and converting it to electricity is a complex concept and very hard to understand for most of us. But not for this 32 year old innovator named Saiful Islam. He has sparked social media with his latest invention – a solar powered bicycle that can run on water and land. He managed to even cross the vast Padma river with his creation!

Source: Faridpur man crosses Padma River with self-made solar powered amphibious bicycle 

Hailing from Paikpara village of Madhukhali Upazila in Faridpur, Saiful Islam used to work at Shakti Solar Light as a manager after completing his education. But later he left the job to work on his own innovations.

Faridpur District

Coming to his viral creation, Saiful built his bicycle using parts from local markets. It took him six months to build it and he spent about Tk 30,000 for it. There are four tubes attached to the two wheels of the bicycle which keeps it afloat. The handles and carrier have solar panels attached to them. He doesn’t need to pedal the bicycle as it runs on solar energy fully. 

Saiful said that he could’ve done a better job on the creation than he already did if it weren’t for his limited funds. He believes if he gets a good sponsorship from either the government or any non-profit organization he can make many more solar powered devices and improve on this creation as well.  

Locals of Faridpur say that this is not his only creation. He has made a number of devices which were also solar powered such as a drone, motorcycle, model rocket etc. And he’s not planning on stopping any time soon. He says he wants to create more solar powered devices in the future – a solar powered rice cutter, auto rickshaws and an amphibious speedboat as well as a plane! 

Saiful has always been an innovative person from the beginning. He used to experiment building with household items ever since he was a young boy. One time he used paper, glass and other materials to build a two feet long bus which also caught the attention of his villagers. Regarding this Saiful’s father Razzak Molla mentioned that he had started building since he was in primary school. But because of their financial situation they could not support his dreams. Saiful works and earns for his family and also manages to get time to pursue his dreams!

Char Areas of Bangladesh

This innovation can help people living in char areas if it can be made lighter and cheaper to construct. With the help of sponsors it is possible to make Saiful Islam’s lifelong dream of becoming a successful innovator come true. 

Sources: Dhaka Tribune, Daily Sun  

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