5 E-Commerce Sites For Online Cattle Market For Eid-Ul-Azha 2021

Covid 19 is increasing in Bangladesh as Qurbani Eid festivities are getting closer. People are torn between how to go to a Gorur Haat during this alarming situation and a must perform religious duty. In cases like this, the internet really comes to the rescue. How far has the e-commerce platform gone! We can sit at home, browse cattles, filter according to price and size and many more. 

Source: Dhaka Tribune


Daraz is a well renowned e-commerce site, usually whatever you want, Daraz probably has it! Now Daraz has brought us there online Qurbanir Haat. The Cattle market is divided into price sections so you can find cattle in your budget. Daraz has deemed it to be the largest online cattle market in Bangladesh for Qurbani. They guarantee their livestocks and they are brought from verified sellers all over the country. They also provide delivery service for your cattle anywhere in Bangladesh. Your cattle will be delivered to you within 6-14 days. Gorur Haat doesn’t get easier than this!

Bengal Meat

Bengal Meat is a premium butcher shop in our country. If someone wants perfectly cut meat and different types of meat this is usually the place to go. They have also started their own cattle market with the motto “Celebrating Eid-Ul-Azha Responsibly”. And they mean it! You don’t even have to get anyone to sacrifice your cattle, they will do all the work for you and your meat will be delivered to your doorstep. No mess at all. They have a wide range of cattles to choose from and in all budgets too. You will have to pay full in advance for your cattle and book it at least 2 days before Eid. But their services are only available for Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. Before ordering from here remember to read their terms and conditions: https://qurbani.bengalmeat.com/terms-and-conditions 


Ajker Deal has also hopped into the cattle market business from this year. They promise to deliver 100% organic cows. But the drawback here is that they only sell cows and no other cattles. So if you’re looking for other cattles to sacrifice then you may need to look at the other two websites. You can filter the price to your budget and find a cow for that price. They have 1000 different cows on their website currently. But this number will be bound to increase once the cattle market starts to be active. They also deliver all over Bangladesh and the live cow will be delivered to you. 


With all the other e-commerce sites doing their best to give you the perfect Qurbani Eid, you can’t expect Evaly to sit back and relax! It is under their “Priority Store” section. To purchase a cattle from Evaly you will need to pay full advance through bank deposits or mobile banking services. They deliver all over Bangladesh, but for people in Dhaka you can get your cattle in 24 hours, for people outside Dhaka it is 72 hours. They have a huge collection of cattles, but their cattle collection is more on the pricey side. If you are willing to spend a good amount then you should definitely look into Evaly. Don’t forget to read their terms and conditions before you make a purchase. 

Digital Haat

This online cattle market was made by the Bangladesh Government last year due to the Pandemic. It is the online version of the usual cattle market that we see during Eid-Ul-Azha. They have all types of cattle available. The usual sellers that sell in Gorur Haats are the sellers on this website. Digital Haat was created to make sure the hard working sellers who have fed and grown their cows won’t suffer a loss due to this pandemic. If you’re looking for a wide collection then Digital Haat may be the cattle market for you. 

Eid Celebrations are not as they used to be. But with these online cattle markets we can take part in our long awaited Qurbani Eid traditions. Thanks to these e-commerce sites and the internet, we are able to shop for cattle without having to leave our house. Hopefully this Eid, everyone will be more responsible and avoid leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. Happy Shopping! 

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