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Israel Develops Real Life “Invisibility Cloak”

Israel’s Polaris Solutions in collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Defence have come up with a new type of camouflage sheet called “Kit 300”. This can virtually make a soldier “invisible”. Soldiers can wrap it around themselves to blend in with the surroundings and conceal themselves from the naked eye. 

The Idea Behind Kit 300

The idea behind this new technology comes from the personal experiences of co-founder of Polaris, Asaf Picciotto. During the 2006 Lebanon War, Picciotto was serving in a special IDF unit and noticed that soldiers needed better protection from their enemies’ thermal imaging equipment. Picciotto told The Media Line, “You have to be better than the enemy and we understood that there were big gaps in the survivability part”.

Polaris Solutions is now testing Kit 300 with Canada’s and United State’s special forces trying to bring the technology to North America soon.

Kit 300

The lightweight sheet is made of a Thermal Visual Concealment (TVC) material. It weighs 500gm and can be rolled into a compact bundle. It can also be used to build a stretcher to carry wounded soldiers. Yonatan Pinkas, dco-founder and CEO of Polaris Solutions told The Media Line, “It can carry weight up to 250kg, can be used as a splint to immobilize a broken bone and can serve as a hypothermia blanket”.

Regarding the technology Pinkas said, “We wanted to bring a new type of material. So TVC was born”. With TVC, soldiers are harder to see with the naked eye and through thermal imaging equipment. 

Kit 300 comes with two different types of prints on either side. One is for dense vegetation and the other side is for desert landscapes. The company can also customize patterns and colours according to the soldiers’ requirements. 

We’ve only heard of “Invisibility Cloaks” from Harry Potter. But Polaris Solutions has brought this fantasy to life with their latest invention. Soldiers’ can now have a chance at better survival in the battlefield with the help of TVC.  

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