SteamDeck- How It Compares With The Nintendo Switch.

The popular video game company Valve has recently announced the SteamDeck- which Valve claims to be a portable gaming PC. It is expected to be in the store early 2022 as Valve said they would start shipping in December 2021.

The SteamDeck comes with SteamOS, a modified version of Linux which provides a simple user interface for users to browse and select games from their steam library. The SteamDeck is set to come in 3 versions; the perks of each version shown below.


As the name suggests, the SteamDeck allows users to play most steam games without actually being in front of a computer. In this article, we will find how the SteamDeck compares with the Nintendo Switch.

The SteamDeck packs a bigger punch in terms of specifications than the Switch since its job is to run PC games which nowadays require decent hardware to be run. The SteamDeck is powered by a custom APU, consisting of the AMD Zen 2 CPU and the AMD RDNA 2 GPU, while also packing 16GB of RAM while The Switch packs a Nvidia Custom Tegra processor and comes with just 32GB of storage. The SteamDeck’s superiority in this comparison allows it to run AAA titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Control which are not available to the Switch due to its weaker firepower.

The Nintendo Switch’s battery can last from 4.5 hours-9 hours while the  SteamDeck is expected to last 2-8 hours. It is expected as the SteamDeck will run more demanding games which will require greater battery life.

The SteamDeck is expected to run just like a computer. It has its own operating system, the SteamOS, however you could probably install your own operating system such as windows and install third party softwares in it.The Switch uses its own locked-down operating system, giving gamers access to their game library, the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Switch Online, news and announcements and screenshots all from the home page. Besides Steam games, the SteamDeck will also allow users to install essentially any game that a PC can run if it is compatible with the device whereas the Switch would limit you to games that are made for it.

The Nintendo Switch allows you to detach the controllers attached to the device and then connect the device to a TV using a dock or use the device with the controllers attached  as a handheld console. However the SteamDeck  will not allow the removal of controllers .The Steam Deck includes A, B, X and Y buttons, left and right thumbsticks and arrow keys, similar to the Switch, but has two additional 32.5mm square trackpads to mimic the performance of a mouse. External mice or keyboards are compatible with the SteamDeck and the SteamDeck can also be connected to a larger screen using a dock which the Switch does not allow.

The Steam Deck features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display with a 1280×800 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio while the Switch has a slightly shorter 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen display with  a 1280×720 resolution. The Switch is capable of displaying up to 1080p via HDMI however you can experience 8K @ 60Hz or up to 4K @ 120Hz if you connect the SteamDeck to an appropriate display.

The SteamDeck comes with more storage space compared to the Switch. Valve is offering buyers 3 options, 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. This is also expandable with a MicroSD slot. By Contrast has a much lower 32GB of storage space however this problem can be solved by a micro SD card, whose space can go upto 2TB. Storage Space is more of a problem for the SteamDeck since its games are larger in size in contrast to the games the Nintendo Runs.

Valve has added that the  SteamDeck is equivalent to a gaming PC and as such, all that hardware for PC gaming will make the SteamDeck almost twice as heavy as a Nintendo Switch with the SteamDeck weighing at approximately 669g as opposed to the Switch which weighs 399g with the controllers on. The weight of the SteamDeck may raise some questions about its portability but it can be tested once the device is out. 

Lastly, the Nintendo Switch is priced at $299 and the most expensive version of the SteamDeck costs $649. However, the higher price is pretty evident as the SteamDeck is expected to provide more perks and features compared to the Switch. We will have to wait till the SteamDeck comes to stores to see if it is true.

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