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7 Free Photo Editing Apps You Need To Get in 2021

With all those great Eid pictures, you’ll need good photo editors to get them ready to be posted all over your social media. Most photo editors tend to over edit your photos and give them a “fake” appearance. This can easily be avoided with these apps. After all, it’s all for the gram. 


Snapseed has a lot of editing options that aren’t available on mobile editors. It has tools like white balance which can help you balance the colour in your image. Snapseed also has Selective Adjust with which you can edit a specific area in your photo and lens blur which can help you blur out the background and achieve portrait photos. 

iOS: Snapseed

Android: Snapseed  

Adobe Photoshop Fix

If you don’t want to just add a filter to your photo and want to fix certain areas, Adobe Photoshop Fix can help you do that. Once you upload a photo on the app, it will automatically detect all the facial features. You can edit and adjust from there on out using simple sliders. There’s also a liquify option with which you can drag and edit the shape of anything in your image. Sadly, this is not available on iOS.

Android: Adobe Photoshop FIx 

Adobe Lightroom

This is the app version of the desktop software Adobe Lightroom CC. Although it doesn’t have all the tools that the desktop version does, it’s still an amazing photo editor for your phone. It has similar tools as the desktop software but more simplified. You can make changes to your photo by using sliders. 

iOS: Adobe Lightroom 

Android: Adobe Lightroom 


While Facetune is a paid selfie editing app, Facetune2 is completely free! Yes, Facetune does have a bad rep because some influencers tend to overuse it. But you can fix a few things here and there with Facetune2 that you can’t do on any other editing apps. You can zoom in and fix specific areas easily. You can smoothen your skin, fix skin uneven tones, enhance certain areas of your selfie. 

iOS: Facetune2 

Android: Facetune2 

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is another great editing app. It’s a combination of all kinds of editors out there. Starting from the basics like cropping and adjustment it has other tools such as the remover or “Beautify” section that can help you edit selfies and pictures that focus on your face.

iOS: YouCam Perfect 

Android: YouCam Perfect 


VSCO is the best for applying different kinds of filters to your photos. If you’re a fan of the ~vintage~ aesthetic then you’ll love the filters on this app. They have a wide range of filters that make your photos look like they’ve been taken with an old film camera. Moreover, you can adjust the level of the filters so that your photos don’t end up looking over edited. Besides the filters VSCO also has the basic editing tools like crop, adjustments and more.


Android: VSCO  


This is the best app to make any photo look professional easily. If you need to create posts for social media or a website, canva can help you get that professional look for free. You can edit the background, add texts and many more. And it’s not just for editing photos, you can use it to create posters, logos etc with it all from your phone.

iOS: Canva 

Android: Canva 

There are many apps available to edit your photos and it’s tough to understand which ones to use to get your desired results. Hopefully with these 7 apps you can edit your photos and get the best features!

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