PUBG Mobile Ban- How To Play PUBGM Despite Being Banned And Other Alternatives To PUBGM

16th August, 2021 posed as a dark day for mobile gamers all over the country of Bangladesh as the High Court ordered for PUBGM and Freefire- two of the most played mobile games in the country- to be banned. The ban was justified with reasons like the aforementioned online games being “destructive”, “addictive” and  having the potential to incite violence among the youth of this country. This has left thousands of people,who would spend hours and hours behind these games, livid and looking for ways to circumvent the ban or play other alternatives. Some of these players had successfully built livelihoods by streaming the games to their viewers as a means of entertainment on platforms like Facebook, YouTube. Some were part of professional teams who had risen high enough to play tournaments internationally and therefore make a living in the process. A link is attached below which will show players from Bangladesh and their total earnings from playing online competitive games such as pubgm and free fire(till 2020).

PUBGM and Freefire Fanboys right now

Bypassing The Ban On PUBGM

If all else fails and you just cannot forget your long lost love in PUBGM, do not worry! There might be a way for you to taste that chicken dinner again. PUBGM has also been banned in India ever since September 2020. But that hasn’t stopped gamers in India from playing their beloved game. How do they still play it? Well.. The answer to this question is given by a VPN  service. You need to first download the latest APK file for PUBGM from their official site but do not open it. Use a VPN service- free or premium, either will do, however we recommend a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN for better latency in-game. Once you have connected to a server in a country other than Bangladesh( connect to a Singapore or Hong kong server for the best latency), you will have to run the APK which will then install the game on your phone. You can turn off the vpn midway into the installation process for faster speed. Once the installation process is complete, you can play the game without a vpn service, as if the game were never banned! If you face any connection errors at times, you can use your vpn service again and restart the game again to fix the issue. This will also work for Freefire.


Call Of Duty Mobile

As a result of the ban, PUBGM and Freefire players will want to move to an alternative or find a way to bypass the ban. For alternatives, players can always try out CODM( Call Of Duty Mobile). Stemming from the famous Call Of Duty franchise, CODM is a game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision for Android and iOS. There are game modes such as TDM( Team Deathmatch), Capture the flag etc.  CODM also contains the popular Battle Royale game, the very game mode that has made players fall in love with PUBGM and Free fire. While you might not get the exact feeling you would get from playing the currently banned games, the Battle Royale mode in CODM provides a similar satisfaction. The User interface and controls are similar to PUBGM which can also be modified to suit players’ needs.  It can still run pretty well on low and mid-range devices but will not be the most fluid experience at around 30 FPS. Overall, CODM can be a great substitution for PUBGM or Freefire for most mobile gamers if they want to quench their thirst for some Battle Royale or just TDM action.


Other Games

If  CODM isn’t your type or you don’t happen to be in possession of a phone that can run codm, don’t worry! Rules Of Survival is another game that you could try out. It has the same battle royale feature as PUBGM but also comes with a 8 km x 8km map that can house upto 300 players! Furthermore, the vehicles are fun to cruise around. The open-world feels impressive due to its unique geographical design and good asset placements. It’s a game that will give you the most accurate impression of a PUBGM match. There is also Fortnite( mobile version) which most battle royale gamers have heard of which can be a good option during this tumultuous situation.

With all that being said, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of CODM or make yourself feel like a hacker by bypassing the ban on PUBGM with your trusty VPN service to revive( pun intended) the very game that made your days!

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