Facebook and Ray-Ban’s New Smart Glasses!?

When the first smart glasses were created by Google way back in 2011, we all knew the future of smart tech would include various versions of “smart glasses”. Even though Google’s smart glasses were not much of a hit, Facebook is taking their own take on it. And we’re all very excited!


On September 9th, Facebook teased their new smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban and Essilor Luxottica called “Ray-Ban Stories”. This consisted of Ray-Ban posting an image with a pair of black sunglasses on their Facebook page. This coincided with Mark Zuckerberg posting a video about their exciting new venture on smart glasses with Ray-Ban. It didn’t take people long to put two and two together. 

What does it do?

It has the design of the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses but with two 5MP cameras on either side. You can turn the sunglasses on and off with a button on the inner side of it. The cameras have buttons on top of it which you can click to record a video or hold to take a picture. It also has voice activation. If you say “Take a video Facebook”, the glasses will automatically record a video for you. It can take up to 30 second videos- hence the name “Ray-Ban Stories” from Facebook’s stories. There’s an LED light near the cameras which will let the users know whether the camera is recording or taking a picture. There are two open ear speakers built in on either side of the glasses which can be used to listen to podcasts, music and also receive calls. The glasses will be able to store upto 500 photos and 30 videos until you save them onto your phone. You can share the photos and videos directly from your glasses. 

Pricing and Design

The glasses will be starting at $299 per pair. It can be used with the Facebook View app which is available both on iOS and Android. Through this app you can import, edit and share the captured moments. Ray-Ban stories will be available in 20 various styles- including the classic Ray-Ban styles, Wayfarer, Wayfarer large etc. And they will also come in 6 colours and a range of lenses which also include prescription lenses. 

You can get your own Ray-Ban Stories today from here: Check out the Ray-ban Stories | Wayfarer at ray-ban.com 

This is a step towards living our lives without depending on our smartphones. Ray-Ban Stories is the first of many more smart glasses to come, each with their own unique feature and each better than the one before! 

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