Apple Event 2021- Everything You Need To Know

It is that time of the year again and Apple has manifested its latest products to the world. Let’s see what they have brought to the table this time around.

iPad and iPad Mini

Apple has made significant changes to their widely used iPad. Its new A13 Bionic Chip is 20% faster than widely used CPUs , GPUs and Neural Engines. Apple has claimed that it is now 3x faster than the best chromebooks and 6x faster than top selling android tablets and because of the new chip users will be seeing a lot of faster live texts. The iPad’s image signal processor has seen some upgrades which means the  rear camera captures better photos with improved autofocus in low light. Speaking of Camera, the rear camera is a 12 MP ultra wide camera with a 122 degrees field of view. Apple has also included the Center Stage, which was previously introduced with the iPad Pro, which automatically detects people as people move around or more people join in and moves the frame. The thin and light smart keyboard, apple pencil are some accessories that you can use with the new iPad. A huge change with the iPad is its operating system, the iPadOS 15. This new operating system brings new features like placing widgets among other apps on your background, multitasking controls making it easier to use multiple apps at once, Quicknote to note down things on the go,  auto translate speech.

Besides the iPad, Apple has also revealed an iPad Mini which comes with a liquid retina display- an 8.3″ display due to new design with wide color, TrueTone and 500 nits of brightness.

The iPad Mini comes with a stronger cpu and gpu than the industry leading parts and has twice as better machine learning than the general neural machines. The iPad comes with a translation app that translates conversation in real time. Users will experience 10 times as fast data transfer speeds with a USB Type C port. 5G network will see internet speeds go up to 3.5 GBPS for high speed streaming or competitive gaming. For accessories, a 2nd gen Apple Pencil will help you turn your iPad mini into a digital sketchbook. Apple’s concern for the environment has manifested in this project as the iPad is made from a 100% recycled Aluminium enclosure build.


Apple Watch

The Apple watch has been a popular product of the company and some new features were revealed in today’s event. The watch will remind you to work out in case you haven’t  the day off. It can detect whether you have fallen off a bicycle by sensing the motion of the bicycle that you were riding. The Apple Watch Series 7 has 20% more area than its predecessor the Series 6, with 1.7mm borders- 40% thinner than the last watch- which leads to more screen area while keeping the shape unchanged. The screen has seen a 70% increase in brightness compared to the older watch. The watch even comes with an onscreen keyboard which you can use to send texts or emails and just like in phone keyboards the apple watch keyboard can predict what you are typing using machine learning. You can undergo ECGs and check your blood oxygen whenever and wherever using the new Apple Watch. The glass used on the watch is water, dust and crack resistant so you can subject it to some rough use. A long battery life of 18 hours will ensure that you can use the watch for a prolonged period of time in your day. The price is expected to be starting at $399.

Apple Watch Series 7

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

The New iPhone 13 is probably the most anticipated reveal among the others in this event. The new device comes with a ceramic shield front( IP68 water resistant) to cover the display. Speaking of the display, the notch in the new iPhone is 20% smaller in size compared to the previous series of iPhones; the display is a super retina XDR display which is 28% brighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 12. What Apple showed us about the specification of the iPhone 13 was quite interesting- a newly installed A15 Bionic Chip which implements 5 nm technology and can house upto 15 billion transistors.A  6 core cpu(2 high performance core, 4 high efficiency core) and 4 core GPU are added to the phone. According to Apple, the CPUs used are 50% faster than the industry leading CPUs used and GPU makes graphical work 30% faster. What’s even more impressive is the Neural Engine that the phone employs- a 16 core neural engine which can perform 15.8 trillion operations per second, making machine learning actions much more effective. The camera specifications can be seen in the pictures below; the iPhone 13 features a new Cinematic Mode which implements subject rack focus. A footage shown by Apple showed how the iPhone 13 could be used in filming and cinematography using the Cinematic Mode.iPhone 13 users will also get to experience 5G network with their custom design antennae and radio controls allowing them to connect with almost 200 carriers over 60 countries. To make a battery life comparison with the previous installment of iPhones, the iPhone 13 will last 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 13 mini will last 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 mini. The phone also has a smart data mode where it automatically activates LTE and shuts down the 5G network if it is not required to reduce battery consumption. As for security measures, Apple’’s New iOS 15 has  on-device speech recognition, intelligent tracking prevention which prevents the  tracking of the user’s IP address, and mail tracking prevention. The Pro version even comes in a 1TB version. The iPhone 13 is set to have a price of $799.

A15 Bionic Chip
iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max were also announced by Apple. Most of the features are shared by the iPhone 13 Standard but there are a few noteworthy features that the pro version has. Its 5 Core GPU makes graphical work 50% faster-Apple actually claimed this speed to be the fastest among other phones. iPhone 13 Pro has a ProMotion feature where the refresh rate of the screen changes from 10-120 Hz depending on how fast the user’s finger is or whether fast frame rates are needed ( e.g, while gaming fast frame rate may be needed). A 120 Hz display may lead to smoother transitions if you are doodling on your phone. Gaming becomes much more enjoyable with perfect response times. The camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is quite impressive.  It has a 77mm Focal length, 3x optical zoom  telephoto, 1.8 aperture 6- element lens autofocus 92% improvement in low light ultra wide camera and a .5 aperture and 1.9 micro pixel wide camera. The new camera system along with dolby vision hdr recording produces some pro level work. Apple has allowed Kathryn Bigelow( 2 time academy award winning director) and oscar  nominated cinematographer Greg Fraser their thoughts on the camera and they were impressed.

iPhone 13 Pro

Apart from new products, Apple has also revealed Fitness+ which allows users to workout using fitness videos uploaded on a weekly basis to Fitness+ . There are many different types of workout videos such as body conditioning workouts, guided meditation, workouts to get ready for snow season etc and option to have group workout sessions.

The 2021 Apple events were just as exciting as any other event hosted by Apple. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of the exciting stuff portrayed today. Are you excited? Lets us know in the comments below!

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