PUBG New State- The Highly Anticipated Sequel Launches This November 11th

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also referred to as PUBG, is one of the most played video games out there. Whether on a phone or in a computer, PUBG has become a fan favorite for all types of gamers worldwide. The game manages to provide entertainment to casual players and to provide a source of income to those who play it competitively in the big leagues. Boasting over 500 million downloads, the mobile version of the game is more popular among gamers due to its easy availability as you can run it on a medium-tier phone. With the arrival of PUBG New State next November, what would the game offer to the players? What new features are going to be added? All of this will be discussed here in this article.

PUBG New State is set in a post apocalyptic age in the year 2051. Besides having the usual characteristics of its predecessor battle royale game, New state is seen with futuristic technology, some of which also influence play directly. 

A New Map

The game is going to have 4 maps at launch which includes a new map Troy. As seen in early access of the game, Troy provides more dynamicity to the game in the form of a new map. The map is an 8x8KM map with locations such as the Exhibit hall which is also a landing zone when the game starts;The mall which contains escalators and wide corridors which increase the dimensions of player engagement as players can use escalators to move above opponents and have a height advantage; the Laboratory which also has as many as 4 floors for more action packed and dynamic combat. What’s very cool about the map is the trailer park which has a ramp that when inside a vehicle a player can use to make a magnificent escape or just pull off a stunt like back in the GTA Vice City days.

The ramp added in the Trailer Park. Credit: Beebom Youtube Channel

Vehicles and Guns

A new selection of vehicles has been added to the game. A bike named Vulture which starts off slow but can speed up very quickly; Volta, an electric car which flaunts a futuristic look as well as Nova, another electric car; the Buggy in the previous car is also brought to this game, renamed to EV-AX. Looking at the trailer, it is expected that new gun customisations are added to the game- a grenade launcher attachment on a M4 is seen in one of the clips in the official trailer. Attachments can also be found in care packages instead of only being lootable like in the previous game. A drone store is added to the game where you can use drone credits to purchase weapons, ammo etc. A new vest, the Dyneema vest, is going to be added to the game which is more resistant to close and mid-range effective ammo types, including 9 mm, 5.56 mm, and . 45 ACP while being vulnerable to 7.62 mm, 12-gauge, and 300 Magnum ammunition so if you see a shotgun or an AK-47 while wearing this vest, you might wanna get to cover!

A very interesting feature that has been added to the new installment of PUBG is the ability to revive dead teammates. Previously, you could only revive knocked teammates and if you were dead, you would have to wait out the entire game as your squad members tried to win. Now using a green flare, players can revive their dead teammates. In addition to this, Players can revive opponents if said player has space in their squad( A squad can accommodate no more than 4 players) and the revived enemy player will become a part of the player’s squad. I can’t wait to see how this would look and work out in game when the game launches!

Gameplay Changes

Some UI changes have also been brought up like the ammo of a weapon showing right next to it when equipped. You can switch between healing options like the way it’s shown in the picture which can save time and make things easier. A roll button was added among the controls which means players can roll around on the map ingame.

Credit: Beebom Youtube Channel

In addition to all this, it goes without saying that new skins and characters have been added to the game. New State developers KRAFTON and PUBG Studios( South Korean Companies) have said that a stronger anti-cheat is implemented so we can hope for less hackers this time around. 

Final Thoughts

PUBG New State looks more like a revamped version of PUBGM. The gameplay, mechanics and the graphics of the game are more or less the same. One could say that New State is an expansion pack of the previous installment. However, the new features and maps are something worth looking out for. Who knows, we might notice more differences when the game actually comes out? Plus the game is free, so if you feel like the game has the same feel as the previous installment but takes up more space, you can simply uninstall and downgrade to the old one. The game is also likely to be unbanned in many places since Tencent( A chinese company) is not part of the development process so  the game is available to a lot more players 

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