How To Clean And Charge The HTC One X At The Same Time

The HTC One X comes with a brilliant screen, a super fast chip and the latest mobile operating system from Google Android. It can also be the place where a lot of germs live. Microbes love warm areas and since smartphones are warm, they can live there. But something has been invented that can help kill those germs without even needing to touch the HTC One X. It uses light to do the job, and can work while the smartphone is charging. Read on to discover how this works.

For those who love having a clean HTC phone, “Phonesoap” has arrived. This is a new invention that uses the power of UV-C light to kill filthy microbes living on the handset. Touching the smartphone during the day will put the microbes on the handset, especially by users that do not use proper hygiene. Big problems can arise from using a smartphone in the bathroom. The Phonesoap box will get rid of them, even while the user is sleeping. It uses a special type of light that is crafted inside a box that the HTC One X smartphone can be put into. Turning it on kills the bad bacteria and the smartphone can be plugged into an included charger while the process takes place.

The light that comes from the Sun, UV-C, is recreated inside the Phonesoap device. The same rays that the Sun uses can break down or kill the bad bacteria, mold and even dust mites. The light is contained inside the box and is not dangerous for the user. Both sides of the HTC One X will be cleaned at one time. The smartphone will enter the box with the active germs and leave with dead ones. The smartphone can be left in the cleaner while the user is sleeping. The cleaner will simultaneously charge the handset, which is cool.

Using water or hand wipes are not recommended for the HTC One X because of the chance of shorting out internal electronics. The hand wipes have enough water in them to be dangerous. Using something as safe as light is a good idea. The maker of the cleaner claim that one out of six smartphones have fecal matter on them. If that is so, it is probably that even using a hand wipe will just spread the germs around, making them more likely to grow. Using new technology is a better idea, which is the purpose of the Phonesoap product. The HTC One X can be fresh and clean in the morning, ready for use. The cleaner can be used for other models of smartphones as well, not just this HTC device. The price is around $40 dollars.

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